Bad Girl Chic


Introducing the queen of bad girl

The evolution of Rihanna style

is truly amazing. Rihanna has evolved

from a bright-eyed pop singer to 

an edgy bad girl we 


What I love about Rihanna is her love 

and understanding of her body. 

She’s not afraid to take fashion

 risks or show some skin. You can 

spot Rihanna walking with a glass of wine in

her furry slides.


You can also spot her on the red carpet

with a plunging neckline and beachy


I guess you can say I’m a huge fan

of Rihanna and her street style. Many

if these looks can be translated into

everyday hustle and bustle.

For example Rihanna lovely mid-length

denim skirt can be paired with sneakers

and a simple white button down.


The choker, which is a throwback from

the 90s, can easily be styled for a date

night outfit.

A pair of thigh-high boots with a dress

and a leather jacket would be the perfect

outfit for a concert or night club-hopping.

The lesson we can all take from Rihanna is

love yourself. Celebrate your body and don’t

be afraid to be a little bad.

What do you think?


Why I’m Trying to Learn to Be Alone; Response

Nylon Magazine writer, Meghan Nesmith, wrote an inspiring article about the art of aloneness.

If you read the article here  you can get a brief summary.

In the article, she makes great points about the difference between aloneness and loneliness. Many times people confuse the two. Aloneness is the ability to enjoy your own company without others. For example going to a movie or eating at a restaurant by yourself. Loneliness is wanting to connect with others but not being able to do so.

As we get older we lose touch with our friends. They go off, get married and start a family. The art of aloneness is enjoying your own company.

I personally enjoy my alone time. I also enjoy the company of others. I have been known to go out to brunch by myself. As I get older the less I seek out friends. I have been told that the older you get the more comfortable you are in your own skin. I hope that is true.

My advice is to go out there and try things by yourself. Wear headphones the first couple of times, if you’re really nervous, After awhile you’ll walk out by yourself, glowing and independent!

What do you think? Leave a comment below.

Famous Stoner Quotes

Man is the universe within’ himself

–Bob Morley

But what we can do, as flawed we are, is still see God in other people, and do our best to help them find their own grace. That’s what I strive to do, that is what I pray to do every day.

President Barack Obama

If you don’t live your life then who will?


If I’m free, it’s because I’m always running.

–Jimi Hendrix 

Technology is nothing. What’s important is that you have faith in people, that they’re basically good and smart, and if you give them tools, they’ll do wonderful things with them.

–Steve Jobs

Frédéric Bazille; The Young Artist

Frédéric Bazille was an impressionist painter.  While listening to a Yale podcast, I was turned on to Bazille’s work. Bazille  was a young man when he decided to start painting in his early twenties. His parents didn’t completely agree with Bazille decision. They allowed him to paint only if he studied medicine. 

Bazille was brilliant, but not as a doctor. He failed his medical exams and later focused on painting. 

This failure allowed Bazille to create memorizing artwork. He was immersed in the art world. His friends were some of the great impressionist at the time, and by being around them he developed his artistic style. 

I image Bazille  as a young man trying to find his calling. He was torn between the approval of his parents and his passion for painting. Painters are often depicted as a frou-frou, with a tiny mustache, standing in a park  painting a sunset. Bazille was a brave, and talented artist. Every artist knows that art has a higher purpose.  It is symbolic, a representation of the times and culture. 

Bazille later joined the army during the Prussian war. It is believed that he was discouraged from his past failures, joining an army seemed like the call to glory. He sadly died while serving. 

Bazille was searching, like many of us, for prestige. He had the talent but his time was cut short.

Who is your favorite artist? Leave a comment below.

3 Common Misconceptions About Pins

I was recently out shopping and I came across the cutest assortment of pins.

When I was in middle school it was trendy to wear pins on your backpack and lunchbox.

I was surprised to see it but excited! The pins can range from political to funny, cutesy to

crude. The best pins are available on Etsy.

Listed below are 3 Common Misconceptions About Pins

1. There for Kids

Heck no! It’s for everyone!


2. There for Punk/Emo/Rock and Roll Types

There are many designs from your favorite band to

a silly quote. Pin are an accessory and can be tailored

to any style.

riot cakes

3. They Are Difficult to Wear Everyday

It is an extension of your outfit. It can become

a part of your everyday wardrobe if you style it


MidNight Dogs

Try new things. Don’t be like Stoop Kid.

Remeber to check out the Etsy shops listed in the captions. 

What do you think of pins? Leave a comment below….

A Brief History of Spas

A spa is a place where you go and relax.

A good spa experience melts away your tension and stress.

But if you’re curious like me you’re probably wondering, why do we have spas?

Spas were a place people gathered and socialized. Before the great

advancements of the Romans the spa experience were often near hot springs.

During the time of Rome, the spa experience greatly advanced.

The Romans used sophisticated piping and heating of water to improve the experience.

The Spas were a social place, people would swim, and

bathe. It wasn’t uncommon to pick up a date because men and women shared the spa.

Today hospitality and wellness is a rapidly expanding profession. The hospitality industry employs people from all over the world and provides an unforgettable experience.

So now that you know a little about spas, do you think you’ll check one out this summer? Which one? Leave it i the comments below.

Fearless Girl Statue

Boston Globe

New York City is bustling with news its new statue,”Fearless Girl.”

Fearless Girl stands before the raging bull of Wall Street, smirking with assurance.

The Fearless Girl stands for social equality, education, and justice, in the face of

new oppression. The truth is we are entering a new age. We need to get to work.

It is important that we express our opinions to form a new and better country. It doesn’t

matter who is in office. We are the country for the PEOPLE.

The Fearless Girl reminds me of times when I  didn’t speak up for myself. It reminds me of the

times I’ve been marginalized, looked over and looked down upon. This statue of a young girl stands before, what seems like an unstopped force, she stands before it smiling.

Fearless Girl, I want you to know I stand behind you. And behind me stands another and after her is another. So when you face that bull, just know we got your back.

The Fearless Girl will remain in New York until 2018. What do you guys tink, leave a comment below.

Modern Day Dating: Missed Connections

I was walking to the convenience store when I hear a honk and a “hey babe.’

I look over my shoulder to see a man with only gums waving at me from in 1995

Ford Lincoln. I was disgusted.

The next day at work I met a HANDSOME guy, 27 years old with the body of

Tarzan. I said ‘hey,’ and he introduced himself. Let’s just call him Tarzan, to save me the embarrassment if anyone I know comes across this.

For the next hour we stood there in silence. I don’t know what is going on with millennial men but dating is difficult.It seems like forward, assertive women are favorable. The girls that speak over people and wants everyone to see them.

Meanwhile, girls, like me, that enjoy a bubble bath and a good book are looked over. In response to that people often say young men want what’s fun and fast. I don’t think that is entirely true. In the case of “Tarzan” could it be the assertive women are the only one’s that show enough interest in them.?

They go with the obvious choice?

I know I’ll never be a becky, I will aways be a Badu. My hope for this post is for guys to try a little harder. Maybe a casual smile or offering to help her carry something. There are women looking for love outside the club. Seriously everyone doesn’t like to drink.


what do you think? Leave a comment below.

Let’s Play Dress Up

While looking through pictures of my grandmother I saw a picture of her going to a movie theater all dressed up.Back then going to the movies was a major event.   She wore a pencil skirt, gloves, and her pearls.

I love athleisure, check out my previous article about it! But wouldn’t it be nice to wear a dressy outfit just because? Elbow-length gloves and high heels while going downtown. I’m not talking about a skin tight dress but an outfit that flatters you and looks EXPENSIVE.

I don’t know the right occasions to wear something like that. I go to concerts or to the beach. I went to a TedTalks one time but everyone there was professional casual .

An appropriate venue to get dressed up could be a broadway show or a gallery opening. But truthfully we don’t have a lot of that happening here.

Tips on How to Dress-Up

Plan Ahead

Take into account what makes you feel confident and

the temperature. Planning outfits also saves time


A couple of bangles or hoop earring can really make an

outfit. I personally love necklaces and scarves

Get Involved

Joining a professionals’ group or even

a charity can help you network and give you

a chance to wear those stunning dresses

Go Out Once in a While

I know it’s hard to do but just go out to

a fancy place. Stop making excuses, and just go.

You help others by taking care of YOURSELF

Just Dress-UP

If you ran out of reasons to dress up, just

go for it. Chances are if you look really

good a photographer may spot you and post

your outfit in the next issue of Vogue!

Did anyone else see BaubleBar at Target!?

Hands down they sell the best accessories. Let me know what you think in the comments below.