Personality Type: CREATOR

It wasn’t long ago that I took an in depth personality test. It’s nothing like the Myers Briggs

test but a career guidance test. The test was 50  questions long and painful! It took me longer because I kept choosing ‘indifferent’ response and it couldn’t score it. I went back and weighted my opinions a bit. After that, I got my results.

Creator, interested in image and self-expression and artistic experience. Creators enjoy drama, fine arts, music and creative writing. They like to work with visual elements such as forms, colors and patterns.

I’ve  always been creative. My peers looked to me artistic ideas. I don’t mind being a muse. As  I got older I saw how hard it was for some people to make a living. An artist is often depicted as a loner  in a studio painting in the dark and eating soup out of a can.

I did not want that life. I didn’t want to struggle. So I decided to stop drawing, and pursue a career in management.  I look back on it and I’m saddened because it was then I decided money was more important then my happiness. I have picked up drawing again and still love it. My advice to anyone reading this at the thresh hold. Life is a struggle don’t let money decide for you.

If you guys want to take the TEST



Every morning at 11:11 I close my eyes and make a wish…

I wish I was taller, skinnier like a VS model

I wish I could eat whatever I want and look like a VS model

I wish for a huge closet full of clothes I like (Madewell,Chelsea and Violet etc.)

I wish lots of great shoes

I’d wish for the best in electronics

I’d wish for luxurious vacations

I’d wish for a limitless gift cards to Target

I wish for celebrity boyfriends (Ryan Gosling, The Rock, and Bob Morley)

I’d wish for art/craft supplies

I wish for a million dollars

Then I open my eyes and it’s 11:12

Why I’ll Never Delete My Tumblr

delete.pngWhen I look at my Tumblr I see beauty. I see pure artistic expression. Instagram is nice but lacks the artist niche. I’ll give Instagram a break because it is a fairly new platform but the pictures of your breast and butt aren’t “curves” girl. It’s just you being thirsty.

I find myself scrolling aimlessly through my Tumblr looking at all the beautiful photos I have collected. It’s like a never-ending gallery wall. I have pictures of Indian weddings, flowers, afros and fearless girl quotes.

I’ve had a Tumblr since I was in high school. I tried to keep up with it but like anything, life got in the way. I still update it from time to time but I cannot bring myself to delete it. Even if I’m not actively participating in the community I enjoy what it’s putting out.

Well I think that ends my little rant about Tumblr.

What’s on your Tumblr wall leave a comment below.

Basic Halloween Costume

There’s a scene in Mean Girls when Grethen asks ‘What are you supposed to be?’ Karen responds ‘I’m a mouse, duh.” Which is not know until you see the mouse ears on her head. The tight bodycon dress and strappy stilettos gave no indication of a mouse. Cady, that weird girl from Africa, wore dark makeup, a long black wig, and a torn wedding dress.

Unfortunately, like many people, I do not have the time to DIY a Halloween costume. Instead, I’ll buy one from the store. The choice in female costumes ranges from sexy to just plain weird. I know it’s early to start planning for Halloween but I’m too excited!!!

Pink Lady— Grease

This is an easy DIY costume. “Tell me about it stud!”

A pair of leather leggings, a black shirt, and a pink jacket and you’re

a pink lady. There you go!

Catwoman — DC Universe

The fiercest lady in the DC Universe. She sexy, nimble, and takes what she wants. She mostly steals diamonds.  A simple black jumpsuit, boots and cat ears and there you have it, Catwoman. I’ve personally done Catwoman too much.

Cher Clueless

If you can make up your best Valley girl accent you can go as Cher from Clueless. A quick trip to Goodwill I’m sure you can find a plaid coordinating set. A plaid top, skirt, knee high white socks with a fluffy pen. The Halloween party will be ‘totally killer.’


If you’re clever you can buy a shirt that says “This is my costume.” That’s cool too.

What do you guys think? What are you going as?

Everything You Need to Know About Cuffing Season

What is Cuffing?

Cuffing has nothing to do with sleeves, lol. Cuffing is when people end their summer promiscuity to couple up. September is usually when this happens because school has started and the weather gets colder. The fall brings oversized sweaters and hot cocoa. It makes you want to share a blanket with someone special.

What to Expect with the Upcoming Cuffing Current

Expect a lot of long gazes and accidental touches. Expect awkward jokes and hair touching.

Guys may experience the feeling of  ‘Hey she’s cute.’ Girls may experience ‘Yeah, he’s kind of funny.’

In that case, coupling may occur.

My Opinion

I love the idea of cuffing. No one wants to spend the holidays alone. I never liked the summer months. I think it’s because of the heat and awful outfits. Cuffing with that guy you’d never date during the summer would be fun. Snuggling next to the fire, a Netflix marathon and wooly socks makes me feel all warm inside.

What do you guys think about Cuffing? Leave a comment below.

Am I a Pixie Maniac Dream Girl?

We all have seen the pixie maniac dream girl. She’s the bubbly, shallow, girl that will never grow up. In films, she’s seen as a companion for the protagonist. Who is equally shallow and immature.


So am I a ‘Pixie Maniac Dream Girl?”


Besides her shallow nature, she teaches the protagonist to let go and live. I can admit to my shortcomings and I’m not the most mature. The similarities between the Pixie Maniac Dream girl and me is our free-spirit, quirky nat

I can admit to my shortcomings and I’m not the most mature. The similarities between the Pixie Maniac Dream girl and me is our free-spirit, quirky nat

nature. The Pixie Maniac girl is not all bad. One of my favorite PMDG has to be Clementine from the Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind. She loved Joel but never agreed to be his salvation. She never wanted to fix him and she did not want to be fixed. Clementine had her own life and lived fearlessly.


Another one of my favorite PMDG is Ramona from Scott Pilgrim Vs the World. A hot American girl with a difficult past dates Scott an equally heart broken individual. Romana and Scott break up after he battles her ex’s.Scott learns self-respect and the consequences of being a serial dater.

The PMDG is a powerful and lovable character. A quirky girl on a mission of self. And hey maybe dates a couple of cute guys along the way.

Why Scorpios Are My Only Friends

I have had many friends in my life. But none have stuck around like the Scorpio. My best friend in high school was ‘Marq,’ was a Scorpio and we did everything together, chorus, classes, everything. He was everything I wasn’t outspoken, headstrong and a great dancer. I feel like I become friends with people that have something I lack. At that time it was confidence.

He is a Scorpio and I am a Sagittarius, technically we are zodiac neighbors but different. He always tried to get me to come out of my shell. But that was something I needed to do myself. Every time I go back home it’s like we never stopped being friends. He always says “Girl you’re still crazy.”

I tend to date Scorpios and befriend them. People may be put off by their intensity but being the fire sign, I don’t shy away from a challenge. When you get to know a Scorpio and they trust you, you have an everlasting friend. As lovers, I haven’t found anyone more interesting than the Scorpio. I know he’s doing well and I’m proud of all my friends for their accomplishments.

What do you guys think? Do you believe in zodiac signs? Leave a comment below.

Ebb & Flow Quote

“What’s so fascinating and frustrating and great about life is that you’re constantly starting over, all the time, and I love that.” —Billy Crystal

In this life, we are always in the state of starting over. We start over in our careers, we start over in a new city, or relationships. It is important we become comfortable with change. Everything in our life changes, to think something will last forever is naive. You can take comfort in the fact that things change especially if you are in a bad situation.

I, unfortunately, learned this lesson later in life. I used to hold on to things so tightly it would blow up in my face. Now I TRY to go with the ebb and flow of life. I have gotten better but still, find myself looking back. I challenge myself to move forward, and I challenge you guys to do the same.

HAPPY LDW! What life lessons did you learn? Comment below.