People Projecting Their Self Limiting Beliefs On Me

I would like to apologize first for the long title. This title came to me when I was reflecting this morning. The reason I was reflecting was my energy has been off. I feel negative, gross and dragged down. One of these reasons could be my job. I have been working nonstop and sometimes not with the best people. The energy they project on me is sometimes negative.

If you ever meet me I’m a happy, bubbly person. People ask me all the time “how are you so cheerful?” It’s easier to be cheerful than you think. I chose to be happy. Everything is so much more difficult when you’re in a bad mood. Most days I’m ‘comme ci  comme ca,’ but when I feel something eating at me I go into investigative mode. meditation-1384758_960_720

I decided to write down everything that was bothering me. After I write down all my fears, feelings and emotions I reread it and put it away. I have to do this every week otherwise my feeling would eat at me.

The people I interact with let these emotions manifest in their everyday lives. When I meet them it like “Whoa! Don’t bring that energy here buddy. My space is sacred!” I’m very empathic and can feel people’s emotions.

I don’t have a solution for eliminating these negative people. The only advice I can give is to keep yourself full. Keep your space sacred and distance yourself from them.


30 Things To Do Before Turning 30 — Showpo Edit

Tomorrow, I am turning 30. THIRTY Like, no longer in my 20s type of 30. The proper ‘adult’ stage of life. For yonks, I’ve seen a bunch of articles floating about the internet about ‘things you should do before you’re 30’ or ‘bucket list ticks to do before 30’ etc Basically just a bunch of…

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Fall Layered Necklace

It is official! Fall is here, and that means layering galore. In this article, I decided to tackle

necklace layering. It can be fun yet tricky at the same time. Below I have listed a couple of my tips for the perfect layered look.

#1 Buy Cheap

If you’re first starting out buying cheaper, less expensive necklaces is the way to go. This is because when you’re first discovering your style you don’t want to get bogged down with prices. Shops like Forever21, Francescas, and Aldo can be a great option.


#2 Buy Sets

The stores I’ve mentioned above have already arranged sets for $12-20. That can help you get an idea of what you would like to wear.

A plain gold chain, a delicate diamond necklace or an extravagant gem piece.  You can buy these pieces from Baublebar, and Etsy.

#3 Customize your Sets

Once when you are comfortable and know your style, make a custom set of your favorite necklaces. Now would be the time to invest in quality necklaces like a

#4 Wear to Wow

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You’re a fashionista anyway so wear to wow.

The Lasting Influences of Fredia Kahlo

It was a Friday night and I was looking for a feel-good movie to watch on Netflix. One of my suggested movies was Coco. I’ve only heard great things about the movie so I pressed play. Coco was a lovely, enchanting movie, briefly in the movie you see Fredia Kahlo. Kahlo is in her studio swaying her hips around as she paints herself. She paints herself, puts on a play about herself and talks about herself!

I can’t help but think the real Kahlo would be disappointed.  They depicted her as a self-


absorbed artist. Kahlo’s story begins when she got into an accident that nearly paralyzed and caused her to lose her right leg.  She spent most of her time immobile and with herself.  Kalho is quoted as saying “I paint self-portraits because I am so often alone because I am the person I know best.”

Kahlo has influenced women, surreal artist and Hispanic culture for years. Her fearless approach to fashion, love, life, and death is so transparent. Frida wore vibrant bright skirts and dresses. She sometimes wore a pants-suit. She expressed herself in fashion and art.

Kahlo loved many people in her life, men and women. Her greatest love was Diego. She has said “I love you more than my own skin and even though you don’t love me the same way, you love me anyways, don’t you? And if you don’t, I’ll always have the hope that you do, and I’m satisfied with that. Love me a little. I adore you.” Diego loved Frida for her insatiable spirit and talent.


Her art often represented her struggles. She tried many times to conceive children but it was impossible because of her accident. The infidelity of her husband caused her grief. The constant pain she was in because of her accident made it difficult to get around. Despite it all, she painted and shared her story with us. Which is selfless.

There are many movies and exhibits that cover the real life of Frida Kahlo. A good place to start is the movie with Salma Hayek called Frida.  She was an artist before her time.

What Makes a City Hospitable

A hospitable city is a place where you feel at ease. A place you can plop up your feet and relax. I have traveled to a few of these places and it’s easy for me to say I’ll be returning. A hospitable city has friendly people, great food and budget-friendliness.

Airbnb recently released a study of the most hospitable cities according to Airbnb users. I have added the study to this article for y’all to check out. Some of the most hospitable cities include Ashville, Austin, Charleston, and Nashville.

Southern states like Nashville and Charleston are more likely to rate as a “hospitable city.” You can see examples of hospitality throughout the city. The pace is slower, people talk slower. In fact, it is not uncommon for folks to sit on their porch drinking sweet tea and having long conversations.

Food is another major part of it. A good slow cooked chicken with a variety of sides and limitless drinks. You’ll eat until you burst. My favorite vacation dish is a moscow mule with chicken and waffles.

The friendliness of the locals was also a major factor. A warm, inviting attitude is what makes people return.  It helps when the agents recognize your birthday or anniversary.  When you’re traveling you also want to get the most for your money. Southern states are known for inexpensive food, and hotels.


Time Travel


Have you ever wanted to time travel?

To a place unknown

A place unseen

A place only you can go

Without leaving your home

Without moving your feet

Inside this place you are everyone and everyone is you

You see, you feel, you speak 

You share because you are them and they are you

Until the end, the last word

The time travel ends

Your feet planted

You are you again 

The time travel ends


Doll Kills; My New Obsession

When I was growing up the school required a uniform. Our uniform consisted of a plaid shirt and a white button down. During that time emo bands like Greenday, Good Charlotte, and My Chemical Romance were popular. I was unable to show my rebellion so I opted for pins and wristbands.

Doll Kills is an online boutique that is a mixture of punk rock,  goth and festival fashion.  My inner rebel loves that clothes on the website. Doll Kills clothing is for that girl that’s not afraid to be different. The girls with a slight edge and artistic flare.

Doll Kills carries brands like Dickies, Doc Martens, PUMA, and Public Desire.  The site has released Holloween costumes pulled from popular culture like Clueless and the Shining. If you’re looking for a cool online boutique, Doll Kills is it. I’ll post a review of my experience ordering from them. Expect that post soon!

Travel Insurance

It is important for every traveler to get travel insurance.  When traveling abroad, it’s good to be prepared for the worst. Travel insurance covers unexpected accidents, lost luggage, and emergency evacuations.

Traveling is an exciting experience but it is important to be prepared. There are four categories of travel insurance, medical, trip interruption (lost baggage, change in plans, delayed flights) and emergency evacuation.

No one plans for an emergency but when it happens you want to be covered. While working in a hotel I’ve seen travelers freak out when they lose their luggage.  They would come in exhausted from a thirteen-hour flight and their bags are arriving on the next flight out. pexels-photo-219014

The best website to find coverage is . Insuremytrip has providers, plans, and reviews all listed on the website. So it’s a great one-stop shop for travelers. The site allows you to search for prices based on what country you’re traveling to, and the type of insurance you want.

This is not a plug for insuremytrip  but it is still a great website. It is important for every traveler to know that insurance doesn’t cover accidents due to intoxication, reckless behavior or extreme sports. So get out there and start traveling!

Funny Tinder Profiles

I’ve seen my fair share of creative tinder profiles. Just like dating, tinder can be a bit surprising.

Dylan profile is straight to the point on what he can offer. His love for dogs is admirable but Diner, Dives and Drive-In is not documentary quality.



Jackson used Tinder as a platform for marketing which is a great idea. But women love confidence. Sorry.


Vince’s profile is my favorite. He seems quirky and starts out with a funny joke.


What’s your most interesting Tinder Date? Comment below!

Hotel Tips and Tricks

A part of traveling is checking into a hotel. Whether you’re checking in for a night or two weeks, we try to get the best room. Below I have listed tips and tricks to getting the best room possible!

Check-In Early

The saying, the early bird gets the worm doesn’t just apply to birds and worms. Checking in early can benefit you as a traveler. Every hotel has a check-in time of 4 or 5. Arriving early allows you to get the first available rooms. But let me clarify how early you should arrive. An hour or an hour and a half before is plenty of time to get a good room. Arriving five hours early is just annoying. There’s no way a hotel will have a room available at 12 when check-out was at 11.

Ask and You Shall Receive

There’s no harm in asking for a complimentary upgrade. That is if it’s reasonable to ask for an upgrade. It’s unreasonable to ask for an upgrade when checking in on  New Years weekend. It’s also about the way you ask for an upgrade. Saying things like ‘the last time I was here I got a great room,’ can put the front desk agent off. First of all you’re not entitled to a room. You’re entitled to what you pay for.


Book Directly

Sites like Expedia, and Booking are great for last minute deals. But if you truly want a great room go on the hotel website or call in and book. Hotel often match pricing or have their own packaged deals available.

Book Correctly

Guest look for the best deal and don’t realized what they have booked. Be careful and book what you need. If it is you and you’re frat mate, you don’t want to stay in a room with one queen sized bed! Know your room type before you arrive, have a confirmation number and print out showing what you booked.

What’s your craziest checkin story? What is your best hotel experience? Leave a comment below.