Monday Motivational Quote

While reflecting this morning, I thought of the Four Agreements by Miguel. One of the Four Agreement applies to my Monday. In the book Miguel talks about doing your best.

“Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different on how tired you are as opposed to how well rested you are. Under any circumstance do your best, and you will avoid self judgement, self abuse, and regret.”

Today is one of those days when I feel tired. I worked a long weekend that had tourist flocking to the city. Many of the tourist were high energy and looking to experience the city in the short weekend they were here. Because of this many of us had to be on our A-game with the overwhelming demands.

Now that it’s Monday many of the tourist returned home and left the city a mess. Trash and food left everywhere. It’s sad to say but tourism can destroy the natural beauty of a place. Like many secluded places humans can destroy it, whether intentionally or not.

At the end of the day I know I did my best. When I’m off this weekend I can rest assured that I was there for my co-workers and customers.


Things That Inspire Me

I draw inspiration from everyone and everything, but listed below are a few things that inspire me.





First and foremost the thing that inspires me is a hot cup of coffee. I love coffee! Coffee is my favorite drink, treat, whatever! I go to Starbucks more than anywhere else. The smell of coffee fills me with inspiration and hope. If can’t get up I just think of that sweet cup of coffee waiting for me.



I love to laugh. I love for the people around me to laugh. Whether it’s a good joke or a good time I like to be happy. When I was feeling down I’d turn on Comedy Central and listen to stand-up.



I like to put my thoughts down. Some thoughts are better than others. The simple act of physically putting pen to paper is powerful. So much energy and emotion goes into writing. I can bear my soul to a flat piece of white paper without judgement.



The greatest escape for me is traveling. No matter how bad the situation is, I can look up and see an airplane and think that’ll be me. A plane flight away is a whole new world were no one knows you. The idea of being anonymous and new is refreshing to me.

Why I’m Not Willing to Settle


Hello All,

Today’s post  is why I’m not willing to settle. Now what I mean by not settling is settling in love. There are MANY opportunities for me to just be in a relationship. Guys are plentiful, however good guys aren’t. I made a post of qualities I look for in a guy and until he meets my requirements I’m not willing to settle.

I can use an example from a recent situation. My friend tried to introduce me to a guy that was cute but he didn’t have a job. Making music was his job. I understand with the explosion of SoundCloud rappers it could happen for him. But it didn’t vibe for me. I feel like people that want something go out and chase it.

I never went on the date. Something in my gut told me he wasn’t the one. I feel like “the one,” will have your name written all over him. He will be unmistakably for you. Until then I won’t settle.

New Moon is Pisces


The New Moon transitioned into Pisces on March 6th. Since then I felt it’s effect. I’m a Sagittarius and have a Sagittarius moon. So it’s not like me to get really emotional. Sagittarius’ are blunt. The last couple of days I’ve felt off. I fully believe that the planets have an effect on us.

In my opinion it’s like the effect of the moon. During a full moon people’s behavior becomes erratic.

The last New Moon I’m was upset and irritable. I feel like I’ve been let down so many times in my life, I want my moment.  I want my love story, breakthrough. I felt stagnant for the last 4 years. The New Moon only amplified that.

I don’t know if you guys have felt the same. If you have any advice for me I’d be happy to hear it in the comment section below.

This Time Last Year…


I journal frequently. I write down everything, thoughts, dreams, encounters, and even doodles. I have a couple of journals stuffed under my bed. When I have a quiet moment I like to look back and reflect.

I opened my journal to this time last year. The context behind the post is I followed a guy I liked. I was so excited that he accepted my request. We went to college together and I felt that we had a connection but I guess I was wrong. I waited a couple of hours and nothing. He didn’t follow me back!

I know what your thinking. Guys aren’t on social media like that. Small tasks like remembering to follow back or follow-up on an text is too bothersome for a guy to do. They can only do one thing at a time. Personally I think the excuses are old. I’m a very commutative person. I feel if guys can like a Sports Illustrated models photo and comment “you’re hot.” They can text or follow you back.

Im not saying this guy is like that, but there are guys that are. This year I’m in a similar place. Heartbroken by a guy I met on a dating app. Over the years I’ve become less disappointed. I don’t know what life has in store for me but I guess right now it’s not dating.

My Favorite Jumpsuits for Spring/Summer

The jumpsuit is now a staple in the modern woman wardrobe. A jumpsuit is an easy garment that you can just throw on with a few accessories. I personally haven’t rocked the iconic garment but I’m excited to do so this summer. So I searched the internet for the best. If not most stylish jumpsuits.



PureNavy can be found in outlets like Off Saks Fifth. It is afforadable and made out of linen. Linen is great in the summer especially if you live in a humid climate.

American Apparel


I found American Apparel when I went to college. I adored the brand because the clothes are made in American clothing factories. A.A has done it again and released a denim jumpsuit. It has a fun 70s flare with the white buttons.


The last two are from Target. Target carries popular styles at an affordable price and the place where I can get my groceries. Target is truly the on stop shop. I get Starbucks, Dollar Finds, Candles, Groceries and more from Target. The jumpsuit I chose offers a little edge to your outfit. The plunging neckline is sexy yet laidback. The second jumper has a beautiful rust, rosey  color.

So what did you guys think? Which jumpsuit will you wear? Comment below.

Response: I Found Out a Guy Dated Me On Dare


I was on break at work when I came across a heartbreaking article by Stephanie Yoboah. The story starts with Stephanie meeting a guy on a dating app.  The conversation continued outside the app and the two started dating. It wasn’t until his friend reached out to Stephanie and revealed  the truth. It was a bet between the two friends that he could “pull a pig.”

If you didn’t click the article above I highly advise you read it. Stephanie is plus-sized, single girl. Like all us single girls she’s trying to navigate the “shark infested waters of dating.”

In my opinion no one, NO ONE deserves to be treated like this. I don’t know who she dated but he was a small, weak man. To tear down another person because of something as superficial as looks. Which are temporary by the way, Is ugly.

I wish Stephanie nothing but love and happiness in her life. I would like to thank her for sharing her story. Her story makes us single girls feel less lonely. Sometimes dating just sucks, people suck and hopefully somewhere along the way you’ll find your King.

Airbnb Wishlist 2019

zAirbnb’s are located all over the globe. Airbnb’s are a travelers dream. When I bored I look at international Airbnb’s and map out what I would do in that city. I know I’m a total travel nerd!

Here is a short list of What’s on My Airbnb Wishlist.



Casa la Realidad

This amazing Airbnb is located in Havana, Cuba. Cuba is beautiful with its retro 50s style. This gem has a patio and light breezy decor. You would feel like a queen every morning.



Dreamy Tropical Treehouse

This Airbnb is located in Hawaii. Not only do you get to experience the beautiful beaches but you get to stay in a treehouse. I think it’s every kids dream to live in a treehouse. As pictured you’re surrounded by the beauty of nature.


Trendy Eiffel Tower Apartment

This trendy apartment is located  30 seconds away from the Eiffel Tower. This apartment would be great for those that want to be in the center of Paris. You would be walking distance from all the attractions Paris has to offer. Not to mention that gorgeous SOAKING BATHTUB. OMG!

I happy  to share my travel wishlist with you guys.  What’s on your travel wishlist? Comment below!

Modern Day Dating: Casual Date Ideas



We all know the feeling of the first date. The butterflies in your stomach, the shaky hands, and weak knees. It’s all so new and exciting. This article isn’t for the first date but it is for a couple of dates in. Below I’ll list the best casual date ideas.

#1. The Local Farmer’s Market

The Farmer’s Market is a great way to get outside and enjoy the scenery. The scenery will bring you two closer together. In the time you spend at the market you’ll learn his/her likes, and taste. This will help you in the future when it’s time to buy gifts. And you’re supporting local businesses!


#2 Bowling/ Hiking/ Bike Riding

Number two is a great idea for the more athletic couple. Every city has bikes you can rent and ride around town. If not there’s usually a bowling alley or trail. This is also great for a couple that doesn’t drink. It’s a healthy alternative to the bar or club scene.


#3. Visit Local Theatre/Gallery/Museum

This date is great for the intellectual couple. Not only will this date enrich your mind it’ll bring you closer to your partner. You know the saying, the couple that learns together stays together.


#4. Cook at Home Together.

Number 4 is a step up from Netflix and chill. It still brings you two inside for some intimate time. But unlike Netflix and chill, you get the unforgettable experience of preparing food with your partner. This is easy if you have food subscription services. If you don’t make sure you have the ingredients on hand.


#5 Unplug

This is the ultimate date. The premise is that you unplug from cell phones, television, internet, everything. You go hiking or camping and immerse yourself in nature. This will give you time to connect and look deeply into each other’s eyes.


I hope this gives you a couple of ideas for a casual date night. Do you have any more ideas? List them below in the comment section. Thanks again!