My Work Aug 2017

It has been a long time since I’ve posted some artwork. Here you go!

I have to say I enjoy sharing my work with you guys, it encourages me to

create more.

This piece is about the passion of a new relationship. The top left is a soup cup that says ‘ be strong and love much.’ It’s placed over her eyes to represent a thought. She’s been hurt before and now she feels comfortable to love again. When I think of comfort I think of soup.

To the right is the solar eclipse that will take place on August 21. I’m super excited for that. I love major astronomical events.

In the mid-left you’ll see a girl biting her lip as her lover caresses her cheek. Whew that’s hot.

In the middle is a carnation. If you remember in middle school you could buy a carnation for your friends, or crush. Carnations to me have always symbolized an exciting, youthful love.

To the mid-right are mountains and GPS indicators. I love to travel. That will always be a major love in my life.

Toward the bottom is a cute little bird, just singing.

Have you posted any artwork lately? What do you think about the upcoming eclipse? Leave a comment below.

I Hate Fashion Trends hate trends. Every year something new, has everyone running to the nearest Forever 21. I feel like summer months bring out the most trends.  The boho festival girls, rave girls, the Kim K look-a-likes. I cannot lie, I have been a victim of trends. I remember in high school Good Charlotte, and Green Day was super popular. My parents were traditional and won’t let me wear the ripped jeans and band tees my friends had. They did let me wear that little wrist sweatband with the band’s logo on it. It’s  all about the small wins.

I’m thankful to my parents for setting those boundaries.  When I look back in my

yearbook I think ‘gosh…how did we think that was cool?’ Thanks to my parents I appreciate quality clothes and I am particular on what I choose to buy. I try to buy clothes that are well-made, ethically made, sustainability made, self-made or second hand.  We have a responsibility as fashionistas to buy products that support our environment.



Fast fashion contributes to landfills and CO2 in our atmosphere. Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and acrylic (looking at you Forever 21) take thousands of years to break down. Let me finish by saying Forever 21 is not the enemy. The fast-paced, consumer-driven economy we live in is. The next time you shop think about how often will you wear it, what is it made of, and who you can give it to after you’re done.

Thanks guys.
 What was your favorite trend growing up?

5 Epic Art Failures

1. Ecce Homo Cecilia Giménez

In an attempt to restore Cecilia Giménez made the painting of Jesus look more like a monkey than the Lord and Savior. She has reported since the epic failure she has been ridiculed by her collages.  

2. What is He Missing Paul Klee

Klee a Swiss-German artist makes a quick sketch on ingres paper and asks, ‘What is he missing?’ I can answer that, a neck and a torso. It is an interesting interpretation on expressionism and cubism, it draws the viewer in to participate in the artwork.  

3.  Women III Willem de Kooning

Women III is one painting in a series of six. The painting is the fourth most expensive painting ever sold, at 137.5 million dollars. The painting was stored away due to strict government regulations. In 2006 it was sold to a billionaire. I guess there’s someone for everyone. 

4.Untitled (1970) by Cy Twombly 

This painting resembles scratches on a chalkboard, but this painting has been in a  prestigious European collection. The painting resembles children learning cursive.

5. Museum of Bad Art

The Museum of Bad Art or MOBA’s motto is ‘art that is too bad to be ignored.’ The gallery is based Massachusettes.  In its collection are bad works of art and epic art failures. 

May Work Progress

This is my slow and steady progress. I want to add more colors to the picture but I dislike markers. Markers make the picture streaky and uneven. I may step away from this project until I get markers I like. If you have ay suggestions, please leave it in the comments below.

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P.S I’ll be traveling next week, expect a lot of pictures on my Instagram!

My Work May 2017

It’s a terrible habit I have to step away from a project and COMPLETELY forget about it.

I want to advance my art skills but I start something half way and stop. I do that with books, diys drawings!

It’s terrible but I’m determined to improve. I started this project yesterday.

The objective of this is to tap into surrealism like Picasso or Frida. I wanted to

take my experiences, thoughts feelings and put it on paper.

It’s natural to only draw what you see and that is limiting.

So I challenged myself to draw what I felt and experienced instead.

Below I have the “beginning” of my sketch.

Cat (Left)

I have drawn cats since I was young. My mom had tons of cats

Crystals (slight bottom left)

I’m not to proud of those. I did

not use a reference


Sometimes I appear to be distant. It takes me a while to get to know people


Hands are very hard to draw. They are extremely complex. The ladybug

is good luck in a lot of cultures

Moon (Right)

I love the moon. I work nights and when I come home I always see the  moon.

Fingerprints (slight bottom right)

To go along with the hand, a fingerprint is your unique identity. I like to think I am unique.


All my Astrology Nerds know that Saturn has been in Sagittarius.

Saturn is associated with discipline and change. I personally have not

taken it too well.


Basically I love being female.

Like I said, in the beginning, I’m not finished yet.

If you guys have any ideas please leave it in the comments below.

Power in Feminine

There is a power in feminine.

In my opinion, feminine is being 

open to life. Feminine is vulnerability

and resilience. 

It is allowing yourself to 

love endlessly. Give everything to 

your family and yourself. 

Less ego and more spiritual enlightenment 

Feminine is not male or female,

Feminine is not exclusive to 

xx chromosomes. 

Strength is in empathy

Strength is in generosity

Strength is in community

Strength is feminine

In honor of Mother’s Day, share this with someone important to you.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Frédéric Bazille; The Young Artist

Frédéric Bazille was an impressionist painter.  While listening to a Yale podcast, I was turned on to Bazille’s work. Bazille  was a young man when he decided to start painting in his early twenties. His parents didn’t completely agree with Bazille decision. They allowed him to paint only if he studied medicine. 

Bazille was brilliant, but not as a doctor. He failed his medical exams and later focused on painting. 

This failure allowed Bazille to create memorizing artwork. He was immersed in the art world. His friends were some of the great impressionist at the time, and by being around them he developed his artistic style. 

I image Bazille  as a young man trying to find his calling. He was torn between the approval of his parents and his passion for painting. Painters are often depicted as a frou-frou, with a tiny mustache, standing in a park  painting a sunset. Bazille was a brave, and talented artist. Every artist knows that art has a higher purpose.  It is symbolic, a representation of the times and culture. 

Bazille later joined the army during the Prussian war. It is believed that he was discouraged from his past failures, joining an army seemed like the call to glory. He sadly died while serving. 

Bazille was searching, like many of us, for prestige. He had the talent but his time was cut short.

Who is your favorite artist? Leave a comment below.

3 Common Misconceptions About Pins

I was recently out shopping and I came across the cutest assortment of pins.

When I was in middle school it was trendy to wear pins on your backpack and lunchbox.

I was surprised to see it but excited! The pins can range from political to funny, cutesy to

crude. The best pins are available on Etsy.

Listed below are 3 Common Misconceptions About Pins

1. There for Kids

Heck no! It’s for everyone!


2. There for Punk/Emo/Rock and Roll Types

There are many designs from your favorite band to

a silly quote. Pin are an accessory and can be tailored

to any style.

riot cakes

3. They Are Difficult to Wear Everyday

It is an extension of your outfit. It can become

a part of your everyday wardrobe if you style it


MidNight Dogs

Try new things. Don’t be like Stoop Kid.

Remeber to check out the Etsy shops listed in the captions. 

What do you think of pins? Leave a comment below….