Pros and Cons of Living With a Roommate


Cheaper Rent

Living with roommates has made it possible to live in the ever increasing rental market. A one bedroom in San Francisco is 4,000 dollars. The issue comes in with technology jobs and creative jobs moving to the cities. It seems like a hard compromise but roommates may be the answer. Splitting utilities and rent with 3 to 4 other people relieves the financial stress.

Sharing and Caring

I’ve had roommates that are prepared for the apocalypse. They had top of the line pots and pans, spices, a panini maker, a mattress frame and stockpile of food. These roommates are the best because they are so prepared. When you move around a lot, like me, you lose stuff. So these roommates help fill in the gap until you can reset yourself.


The best thing about having roommates is you’re likely to have a friend. Living in the same space brings people together. It’s nice to come home to someone you can rant to about that bit– at work or that cute guy at your regular coffee place.



Everyone has a different interpretation of cleanliness. Some people are less clean than others.

I have had many roommates fight over dirty dishes and clothes left in the washer. My advice to anyone with roommates is as soon as you use it, clean it. There will be no issue if you clean up imminently after yourself.

Lack of Privacy

The living room, kitchen, and bathrooms are shared in my apartment so there’s not much privacy.

I try to a long take relaxing shower but that’s not always possible. Nothing pulls you out of your Zen more than your roommate shaking the door knob. It’s an unspoken rule that if you’re going to use any shared area, to use it quickly.

Over All Bad Roommates have had more than my fair share of bad roommates. I had roommates that lacked common courtesy to disgusting human beings. One of my roommates shed all the time. I go into the bathroom and saw clumps of her hair on the shower walls and in the drain. It was gross, I always take a shower before her so I didn’t have to see that.






What’s the worst roommate experience you’ve had? What’s the best? Let’s talk below.

5 Epic Art Failures

1. Ecce Homo Cecilia Giménez

In an attempt to restore Cecilia Giménez made the painting of Jesus look more like a monkey than the Lord and Savior. She has reported since the epic failure she has been ridiculed by her collages.  

2. What is He Missing Paul Klee

Klee a Swiss-German artist makes a quick sketch on ingres paper and asks, ‘What is he missing?’ I can answer that, a neck and a torso. It is an interesting interpretation on expressionism and cubism, it draws the viewer in to participate in the artwork.  

3.  Women III Willem de Kooning

Women III is one painting in a series of six. The painting is the fourth most expensive painting ever sold, at 137.5 million dollars. The painting was stored away due to strict government regulations. In 2006 it was sold to a billionaire. I guess there’s someone for everyone. 

4.Untitled (1970) by Cy Twombly 

This painting resembles scratches on a chalkboard, but this painting has been in a  prestigious European collection. The painting resembles children learning cursive.

5. Museum of Bad Art

The Museum of Bad Art or MOBA’s motto is ‘art that is too bad to be ignored.’ The gallery is based Massachusettes.  In its collection are bad works of art and epic art failures. 


Happy first day of summer everyone! I’m nearing the end of my New York series, and one of the things I wanted to talk about was my experience with Couchsurfing. When scrabbling for the cheapest travel options I remembered Couchsurfing. I went to a liberal arts college and it wasn’t uncommon for the more travel-savvy students to use Couchsurfing.

A couple weeks before I went to the website. Since the time I’ve visited, it has updated.  To briefly explain Couchsurfing  is a site that hosts travelers for free. You basically crash on the couch and tour the city with your host. People on the website are very weary of hosting guests without references or verified profiles. I would do both before requesting a couch.

My experience is that the site is lacking active members. I contacted a couple of people and realized they have not been active. The profile would show activity from three years ago. There’s also a disproportionate amount of hosts. Most hosts are male, there are few female host.  Couchsurfing is adamant on safety, and verification but is still lacking in hosts.

The hosts are moving to sites like Airbnb where they receive payment for their room and service.
If you look at my previous posting you can check out my experience with Airbnb. I did notice that Couchsurfing has a great meet-up community. You can check on their website or app to meet-up
with fellow couchsurfers.

In the future, I won’t use Couchsurfing to find a place to stay but I will use it to find fellow travelers
in the area.

Best Breakup Songs

There’s something therapeutic about a good break-up song. A song can speak to your soul and mend a broken heart. Below I have listed my favorite break-up songs.


Goodbye to You

Michelle Branch

In the lyrics, Michelle says  ‘I’m not giving in this time.’ This perfectly explains giving your all to someone that does not appreciate you. In the video, she pawns her wedding ring and buys a car. She is in complete freedom to love herself.


Sometime Around Midnight

The Airborne Toxic Event

The song is very complex. You can feel the emotions of loss, obsession, desire, and desperation. I chose this song because breaking up isn’t easy. You’re going through a wide range of emotions. The point is you’re strong and this point of your life has passed.

He Wasn’t


Avril Lavigne

After a couple weeks you begin to remember what a jerk he was. You remember that you deserve someone much better! He wasn’t the one you wanted, no!




It’s important to remember self-care after a break-up. It’s easy to fall into bad eating habits and forgetting to exercise. You begin to look like a zombie but remember you’re a goddess. Treat yourself like one!


I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor

You thought I crumble? You thought I lay down and die? Oh, not I !! After a breakup you become stronger. With every defeat, there is a lesson. Now you are prepared to go forward and make better choices in you love life. Go!




Who People Think I Am vs. Who I Really Am

Who People Think I Am

I find it very interesting to find out what people think about you.

In casual conversation, people reveal what they thought of me.

People may say it in different ways but I realized there’s a consistency to my


I’ve been told;

“You’re kind of prissy.”

“When I first met you I thought you were older than that. You seem to have everything together.”

“Are you from a military family? You seem like a military kid.”

Who I Really Am

It’s difficult to tell you guys who I truly am. I find myself changing all the time.

I grow and I learn things that change me. I guess within everyone there is a core being that stays the same. I believe my core being is someone who tries to understand people as they are. I feel it is important to listen, observe and try to understand. Even if you disagree.

I’ve alway been kind, and free-spirited.

It may seem like I have it all together but that’s not true. Like anyone I’m trying different things and seeing how they pan out. My hope is that it works out for the better. Truthfully I’m just flailing through life like everyone else.

I am alway trying new things, and learning new things. So who am I?

I am kind

I am adventurous

I am resilient and strong

That won’t change.

Caring what people think about you is not important. It’s how you live your life that is important.

Life is too short not to live your truth.

The Most Awesome Moments of my Life – so far

1. A little girl singing “Let It Go” from Frozen in

the grocery store

While I was in the grocery store I heard a little

girl start to sing “Let it go! Let it GOOO! The cold never

bothered me anyway.”

That moment was awesome because she wasn’t afraid

to sing in public. She shared that song that was in her

heart for all to hear.


2.  Learning to Skateboard from a cute guy

I got a summer job at the college and luckily while

working there I met a couple of cute guys. We

were walking home I told him about how I like

to learn how to skateboard. He pulled out his skateboard and

held me as I tried to balance. I didn’t know how

to stop when he grabbed me in his arms and

whirled me around.

3. Running into Dylan O’Brian

I was internally freaking out when I saw

Dylan O’Brian. I am a huge fan of Teen Wolf

and Dylan walked into my job.  Dylan is super

cute and really tall. He also really likes Kind

granola bars, FYI.

4. My Time Working a Fashion Show

I had the pleasure of working a local

fashion show. We had local designers and

models. I enjoyed the creativity of the event

and how everyone came together to make

it happen.

5.  Moving Out on My Own

My decision to move out is a decision I’m

proud of. Although I have had TERRIBLE

roommates I have become more independent

and self-reliant.

Power in Feminine

There is a power in feminine.

In my opinion, feminine is being 

open to life. Feminine is vulnerability

and resilience. 

It is allowing yourself to 

love endlessly. Give everything to 

your family and yourself. 

Less ego and more spiritual enlightenment 

Feminine is not male or female,

Feminine is not exclusive to 

xx chromosomes. 

Strength is in empathy

Strength is in generosity

Strength is in community

Strength is feminine

In honor of Mother’s Day, share this with someone important to you.

Leave a comment below and tell me what you think.

Frédéric Bazille; The Young Artist

Frédéric Bazille was an impressionist painter.  While listening to a Yale podcast, I was turned on to Bazille’s work. Bazille  was a young man when he decided to start painting in his early twenties. His parents didn’t completely agree with Bazille decision. They allowed him to paint only if he studied medicine. 

Bazille was brilliant, but not as a doctor. He failed his medical exams and later focused on painting. 

This failure allowed Bazille to create memorizing artwork. He was immersed in the art world. His friends were some of the great impressionist at the time, and by being around them he developed his artistic style. 

I image Bazille  as a young man trying to find his calling. He was torn between the approval of his parents and his passion for painting. Painters are often depicted as a frou-frou, with a tiny mustache, standing in a park  painting a sunset. Bazille was a brave, and talented artist. Every artist knows that art has a higher purpose.  It is symbolic, a representation of the times and culture. 

Bazille later joined the army during the Prussian war. It is believed that he was discouraged from his past failures, joining an army seemed like the call to glory. He sadly died while serving. 

Bazille was searching, like many of us, for prestige. He had the talent but his time was cut short.

Who is your favorite artist? Leave a comment below.

A Brief History of Spas

A spa is a place where you go and relax.

A good spa experience melts away your tension and stress.

But if you’re curious like me you’re probably wondering, why do we have spas?

Spas were a place people gathered and socialized. Before the great

advancements of the Romans the spa experience were often near hot springs.

During the time of Rome, the spa experience greatly advanced.

The Romans used sophisticated piping and heating of water to improve the experience.

The Spas were a social place, people would swim, and

bathe. It wasn’t uncommon to pick up a date because men and women shared the spa.

Today hospitality and wellness is a rapidly expanding profession. The hospitality industry employs people from all over the world and provides an unforgettable experience.

So now that you know a little about spas, do you think you’ll check one out this summer? Which one? Leave it i the comments below.