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I posted a picture today of this adorable artist

Grace Vanderwaal. Grace Vanderwaal

was on America’s Got Talent when she revealed to the world her majestic voice.  After America’s Got Talent, Grace has sold out nearly every show.

Grace  has the voice of an old Blues singer. She is only 13 and still has a lot of maturing to do as an artist. She possesses the talent needed to make her a Billboard Top Artist but often with fame at a young age, addiction becomes a problem. I hope this doesn’t happen to her.

Grace a talented young girl from Kansas thrown into the limelight by a talent show. That would be a movie I’d watch!

My second most recent post was about my 

FAVORITE pair of sunglasses. I got these sunglasses from LOFT not too long ago. There like a rose-mirrored tint. I was going to the grocery store for sweet potatoes and wanted to take a selfie. They just scream fabulous every time I put them on.

I love Instagram because you can say a million thing with a picture. My account is

fairly new and goes along with my blog and personal life.

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Two-Year Anniversary Of thebarefootqueen

Two years ago this month I was inspired to start this blog. While it has a long way to go, I’m happy to say I’m very proud of it. This month Google renewed my blog name

I don’t know what it is about sentimental moments but I don’t realize how how magical they were until it’s over.  Let me start from the beginning…

Why thebarefootqueen Name?

I image thebarefootqueen as a loving, free spirited leader. She has a bohemian style and

flowers in her hair. She sleeps by the sun and lives by the moon. She fearless yet vulnerable, because vulnerability is strength. She is the embodiment of  who I want to be.

What Will Happen Over the Next  Two Years?

The next two years you guys are going to see a lot more of me. I plan on starting a YouTube channel and doing vlog, GRWM, OOTD, travel videos are much more. I find myself happiest when I am creating. I remember taking a drawing 101 class in college and everyday I was excited to go. I feel the same way when posting.

Where Do We Fit In?

You guys are important to me. While we are a small  group, we are a strong group. I can truly say I’ve gotten nothing but positivity and inspiration from you guys. I hope to grow our group and get a conversation going. I enjoy hearing feedback, comments, praise, so lets start chatting!

Resurrection of Flare Jeans

This upcoming fall season seems like it has a  lot of 70s

and 90s inspired fashion. One of the trends being

70s Ad

resurrected is the flared jean.

In high school I was a huge fan of bootcut jeans. The reason

being is I have a pear-shaped figure and it flatted me. I owned

Old Navy bootcut jeans, GAP bootcut jeans, anywhere you could

name I had a pair.

Thankfully, the flare and bootcut jean has come back into trend.

This style of jean is more forgiving for different body types. Skinny

jeans tend to flatter those with straight body types.

I’m glad to see this trend come back. I’m excited to see how fashionistas

and celebrities dress up the trend of flare jeans. I image flare jeans with

a flowy blouse or a tee. You could dress up a dark pair of flared jeans

with a fun blazer. Maybe something from ModCloth.

In addition to flared jeans, the choker is all the rage. I image mixing

a 70s piece with a 90s accessory or the other way around.


Hello All,
I’m Cristal, 25, a millennial, proud of it.
I love art, music, and fashion.
I want to make it my life’s mission
to share the positivity and love that
art brings.
I would love for you to come along
with me and discover new and
exciting artwork, diys, fashion,
music, and of course… coffee.

So enough about me, tell me about you…
like your name and what you want to see?