Funny Tinder Profiles

I’ve seen my fair share of creative tinder profiles. Just like dating, tinder can be a bit surprising.

Dylan profile is straight to the point on what he can offer. His love for dogs is admirable but Diner, Dives and Drive-In is not documentary quality.



Jackson used Tinder as a platform for marketing which is a great idea. But women love confidence. Sorry.


Vince’s profile is my favorite. He seems quirky and starts out with a funny joke.


What’s your most interesting Tinder Date? Comment below!


Modern Day Dating | don’t be immature

no-988481_960_720The most annoying thing a person can do is be immature. I am not the refined, high society princess myself but please don’t be immature. Let me explain. There’s a phase were you realize a guy (or girl) is kind of cute. You investigate and see who this person is. This phase can be Facebook stalking, asking around,observing them.

When I see you act immaturely it turns me off. There’s something unattractive about a manchild. A person can be imperfect that’s fine like playing video games or an obsession with Star Trek. A manchild is a man that doesn’t know how to function in society. The way you talk to people, even people beneath you, is a reflection of your character. The ambitions you have makes

the man.

The work he does to chase those dreams is what makes him attractive. To all the people out there here’s some advice;

Speak Kindly and Truthfully

Act Ambitiously

Make me laugh

Short and sweet.What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.

the man.

The work he does to chase those dreams is what makes him attractive. To all the people out there here’s some advice;

Speak Kindly and Truthfully

Act Ambitiously

Make me laugh

Short and sweet.What do you guys think? Leave a comment below.


Every morning at 11:11 I close my eyes and make a wish…

I wish I was taller, skinnier like a VS model

I wish I could eat whatever I want and look like a VS model

I wish for a huge closet full of clothes I like (Madewell,Chelsea and Violet etc.)

I wish lots of great shoes

I’d wish for the best in electronics

I’d wish for luxurious vacations

I’d wish for a limitless gift cards to Target

I wish for celebrity boyfriends (Ryan Gosling, The Rock, and Bob Morley)

I’d wish for art/craft supplies

I wish for a million dollars

Then I open my eyes and it’s 11:12

Everything You Need to Know About Cuffing Season

What is Cuffing?

Cuffing has nothing to do with sleeves, lol. Cuffing is when people end their summer promiscuity to couple up. September is usually when this happens because school has started and the weather gets colder. The fall brings oversized sweaters and hot cocoa. It makes you want to share a blanket with someone special.

What to Expect with the Upcoming Cuffing Current

Expect a lot of long gazes and accidental touches. Expect awkward jokes and hair touching.

Guys may experience the feeling of  ‘Hey she’s cute.’ Girls may experience ‘Yeah, he’s kind of funny.’

In that case, coupling may occur.

My Opinion

I love the idea of cuffing. No one wants to spend the holidays alone. I never liked the summer months. I think it’s because of the heat and awful outfits. Cuffing with that guy you’d never date during the summer would be fun. Snuggling next to the fire, a Netflix marathon and wooly socks makes me feel all warm inside.

What do you guys think about Cuffing? Leave a comment below.

Best Breakup Songs

There’s something therapeutic about a good break-up song. A song can speak to your soul and mend a broken heart. Below I have listed my favorite break-up songs.


Goodbye to You

Michelle Branch

In the lyrics, Michelle says  ‘I’m not giving in this time.’ This perfectly explains giving your all to someone that does not appreciate you. In the video, she pawns her wedding ring and buys a car. She is in complete freedom to love herself.


Sometime Around Midnight

The Airborne Toxic Event

The song is very complex. You can feel the emotions of loss, obsession, desire, and desperation. I chose this song because breaking up isn’t easy. You’re going through a wide range of emotions. The point is you’re strong and this point of your life has passed.

He Wasn’t


Avril Lavigne

After a couple weeks you begin to remember what a jerk he was. You remember that you deserve someone much better! He wasn’t the one you wanted, no!




It’s important to remember self-care after a break-up. It’s easy to fall into bad eating habits and forgetting to exercise. You begin to look like a zombie but remember you’re a goddess. Treat yourself like one!


I Will Survive

Gloria Gaynor

You thought I crumble? You thought I lay down and die? Oh, not I !! After a breakup you become stronger. With every defeat, there is a lesson. Now you are prepared to go forward and make better choices in you love life. Go!




Modern Day Dating: The 21st Century

Before Barefoot Queen I had a post about the  Love Life of a Passive Aggressive Girl. I may resume that series here. I just need some feedback. Yay or Nay.

But this post will add to that series. How can someone date in the 21st century? I overheard my professor talking to a student about how he met his wife at a grocery store. He advised the student to go to Whole Foods and try to meet a girl.

I assume the professor and student were close. Picking up women at a grocery store is terrifying for everyone. One the initiator must feel so nervous, to walk up to a complete stranger. No thanks. The approached is in an awkward situation. More often the initiator is someone you’re not into. Sorry.

I’ve been approached by old men and playboys.

The 21st century requires daters to become savvy. Dating apps like Tinder, Clover, OkCupid are easy to use but, as a user of these apps, a lot of people don’t put time into their profile.  A solid profile can make or break how people respond.

I try to keep my profile light. If they want to get to know you they can ask you out 😉 A good profile picture is more important than the profile. Apps like Tinder use first visual impressions to swipe life (nay) or right (yay). Good lighting, a good full body shot, and no weird flashy stuff. Stacks of money will attract the wrong people.

Those are a few tips I’ve picked up from “dating.” Do you have anymore suggestions? Leave it in the comment section below.