Art Fair

So it has been two weeks since I’ve posted. Sorry!

I refuse to make excuses. In my absence, I am preparing for the Fair.

The Fair allowed us to sell homemade goods to our local community.

I am selling small canvases with quirky sayings.



This is my first time selling my own work.  I tried to think about

what people would buy. What is something they would love to

gift to their family? I had a couple of stock painting ideas like

quotes, bright vibrate colors etc.

What I enjoyed most about the Fair was preparing my

merchandise. I never painted before and I really enjoyed

it. I would watch YouTube for a few minutes and then I

jump up and start painting. I was like “Someone would love this!”

The outcome of the Fair wasn’t great. I sold 3 of the 6 paintings I made.

I’ll post them on my Etsy, and get a little painting business

started. What do you guys think? If you have experience with

Etsy, give me some tips!


Basic Halloween Costume

There’s a scene in Mean Girls when Grethen asks ‘What are you supposed to be?’ Karen responds ‘I’m a mouse, duh.” Which is not know until you see the mouse ears on her head. The tight bodycon dress and strappy stilettos gave no indication of a mouse. Cady, that weird girl from Africa, wore dark makeup, a long black wig, and a torn wedding dress.

Unfortunately, like many people, I do not have the time to DIY a Halloween costume. Instead, I’ll buy one from the store. The choice in female costumes ranges from sexy to just plain weird. I know it’s early to start planning for Halloween but I’m too excited!!!

Pink Lady— Grease

This is an easy DIY costume. “Tell me about it stud!”

A pair of leather leggings, a black shirt, and a pink jacket and you’re

a pink lady. There you go!

Catwoman — DC Universe

The fiercest lady in the DC Universe. She sexy, nimble, and takes what she wants. She mostly steals diamonds.  A simple black jumpsuit, boots and cat ears and there you have it, Catwoman. I’ve personally done Catwoman too much.

Cher Clueless

If you can make up your best Valley girl accent you can go as Cher from Clueless. A quick trip to Goodwill I’m sure you can find a plaid coordinating set. A plaid top, skirt, knee high white socks with a fluffy pen. The Halloween party will be ‘totally killer.’


If you’re clever you can buy a shirt that says “This is my costume.” That’s cool too.

What do you guys think? What are you going as?

Do We Live In A Throw Away Society?

It’s an interesting question, that I don’t know the answer to. I only have my experiences to put forward a possible answer. I think we DO live in a throw away society. If something doesn’t work or loses it appeal, it is normal to replace it with something shiny and new.  We do this with electronics and relationships.

Our society is moving forward so fast that things lose their value quickly. The latest electronics to the latest clothes and relationships. You can see this attitude in the way we fill our environment with landfills, and the way we treat our older population. We dispose, and throw away.

I’m here to tell you that you can give anything more than one life. Resist the urge to ‘throw-it away.’

Those clothes in the back of your closet donate them to the Salvation Army.

Those old electronics sell them, have them refurbished and sold again.

Plastic! Forget it! Use glass, glass can be used over and over again.

And most importantly don’t forget about Grandma. She maybe feisty but she has knowledge and stories to share.

I find value and magic in old things. When I see an old t-shirt my mind fires up a way to repurpose it. Even when I look at an old building my inner Property Brothers comes out and starts making floor plans and setting a budget. Repurposing can be fun, it your open to it.

If you have time look-up Depression Era tips to frugal living. Frugal living can help you save money and teach you to be more self-sufficient.

Do you guys think we live in a throw-away society? Leave a comment below.

Response | Astrology Meets Cocktails | Sagittarius

I  love scrolling through my Facebook page and seeing fun articles like this.  Nylon magazine

wrote an article about which cocktail you are according to your zodiac sign. I am a Sagittarius, the fun loving fire sign of the zodiac! Nylon suggested a Lemon Verbena Whisky Sour, which sounds amazing. The drink is beautiful with a light pink hue and can be decorated with a slice of lemon.

This drink a lot like the Sagittarius, beautiful with a punch of whisky. A drink like that takes time  to make. This drink like the Sagittarius needs patience and s lot of love. This isn’t your twist off beer kind of drink!

I’ll be sure to try this drink the next time I go out. I’ll let you guys know if it lives up to the Sagittarius standards.

Check Out the Article Here 

Astrology Meet Cocktails… By Gala Mukomolova

Comment Below with Your Sign and Your Favorite Drink

I Hate Fashion Trends hate trends. Every year something new, has everyone running to the nearest Forever 21. I feel like summer months bring out the most trends.  The boho festival girls, rave girls, the Kim K look-a-likes. I cannot lie, I have been a victim of trends. I remember in high school Good Charlotte, and Green Day was super popular. My parents were traditional and won’t let me wear the ripped jeans and band tees my friends had. They did let me wear that little wrist sweatband with the band’s logo on it. It’s  all about the small wins.

I’m thankful to my parents for setting those boundaries.  When I look back in my

yearbook I think ‘gosh…how did we think that was cool?’ Thanks to my parents I appreciate quality clothes and I am particular on what I choose to buy. I try to buy clothes that are well-made, ethically made, sustainability made, self-made or second hand.  We have a responsibility as fashionistas to buy products that support our environment.



Fast fashion contributes to landfills and CO2 in our atmosphere. Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and acrylic (looking at you Forever 21) take thousands of years to break down. Let me finish by saying Forever 21 is not the enemy. The fast-paced, consumer-driven economy we live in is. The next time you shop think about how often will you wear it, what is it made of, and who you can give it to after you’re done.

Thanks guys.
 What was your favorite trend growing up?

Best Fictional Rooms

In this article, I have made a list

of my favorite fictional bedrooms.

Blaire Waldorf

The Queen B has a sexy, chic room.  Blair combined satin and soft colors to her bedroom.

Her choice in timeless pieces makes this bedroom my favorite.

Serena Van Der Woodson

Serena is the “rebellious girl” on Gossip Girl. Her room reflects her free-spirited style. Her side table is a beautiful ethnic wood pattern and her headboard is a gold girly polka-dot.

Jessica Day

This bedroom is quirky like Jessica Day. Jessica’s bedroom is filled with her many crafts and cool


Mindy Kaling

Mindy Kaling, a funny, controversial doctor who knows how to dress and decorate her room!

Mindy has medical books conveniently located on her built-in book shelf and fun diy bed pillows.

What’s your favorite fictional bedroom? Leave it in the comment section below.