Every morning at 11:11 I close my eyes and make a wish…

I wish I was taller, skinnier like a VS model

I wish I could eat whatever I want and look like a VS model

I wish for a huge closet full of clothes I like (Madewell,Chelsea and Violet etc.)

I wish lots of great shoes

I’d wish for the best in electronics

I’d wish for luxurious vacations

I’d wish for a limitless gift cards to Target

I wish for celebrity boyfriends (Ryan Gosling, The Rock, and Bob Morley)

I’d wish for art/craft supplies

I wish for a million dollars

Then I open my eyes and it’s 11:12


If I Won A Million Dollars | Powerball

Money is an interesting thing. It’s essentially a tool, it’s neither good or evil. The latest Powerball drawing for 700 Million Dollars makes me think what would I do with that money?

If I Won 700 Million Dollars….

I Would Save and Invest a Large Portion


It’s important to invest in your future. An opportunity



like this is once in a blue moon. I could save for major

future investments like a house, and my future family.


I Would Travel

I would travel and see the world. I go to Italy, Greece, Spain,

France, and Amsterdam. Exploring this great, wide

world, meeting people and experiencing different places

is important to me. I would spend months away and move

from place to place.


I Would Go on a Shopping Spree

I would go crazy in Nordstrom and Fashion Nova.

I would buy EVERYTHING my heart desired.

Designer tops, a cartful of shoes, I’ll have arms of accessories

and bags.  I would find the shyest sales women and have her

ring up my huge purchase.


I Would Give to Charity

I’m a firm believer in giving back.

Charity is like paying rent to the World.

Giving back to someone less well off than you

is the least we can do while we are here on Earth.

I would donate to the S.T.E.M education for young

women and Environmental organizations.

What would you guys do with a million dollars? 

5 BS Facts About Shoes Everyone Thinks is True

1. Shoe’s Have To Be Painful To Be Sexy



If shoes are painful for you to wear either you’re wearing them wrong or have the wrong size.


Many Shoe Gurus have mastered the art of walking in heels. Shoe Gurus can make high heels like your walking on air.

13 Tips That Will Help Take The Pain Out of Wearing High Heels

18 Hacks, tips, and Tricks, To Make High Heels More Comfortable

2. Wear Shoes That Attract The Attention of Men


We all have different motivations for selecting the clothes and shoes we wear. We select clothes and shoes to express our unique identity. While men tend to

be attracted to long


legs, that usually is not the intention of buying heels. When you wear a pair of heels you feel above it all, like you’re a goddess or queen.

What Are The Benefits of High Heel Shoes

One Crazy Advantage of  Wearing High Heels

3. Flat Shoes Are For Quitters

While binge watching a 30 Rock, I remember the episode when Jack found out Avery was pregnant with his baby. Avery, like Jack, is a go-getter. Anything less than perfection isn’t good enough for her and that’s why Jack fell in love with her. During her pregnancy Jack said “And she always wears high heels, because, according to her,flats are for quitters.” pexels-photo-239323

I’m not recommending that you wear during your pregnancy. Flats are a great option. Many flats come in a great pattern while being stylish. I personally prefer flats over heels. Flats and sneakers are for those busy days when you need to get stuff DONE.

4. Comfort and Style are Mutually Exclusive

This is a major myth. Like Myth number #1 shoes can be comfortable and fun. Just like anything you purchase, you examine and try it out. I love buying shoes online but make sure that the website has a flexible return policy.

Zappos Return Policy

Nordstrom Return Policy

5. All Shoes Are The Same

It is easy to believe that all online shoes are the same. If your new to online shopping it’s easy to believe but if you’re a pro like me find unique shoes is a breeze. I can confidently say you can find any shoe, from any brand, from any time period, online. it just takes a little research.


What do you guys think? Leave a comment below

Hey. How are you?

Hey. How are you?

I hope all is well.Today’s post is just going to be super casual. As

casual as I can be at least. Are you guys watching GOT?

Game of Thrones is back on so all is well in the world.

I don’t know why I like that show so

much. Oh no I remember, freakin’ Jon Snow! That smexy

man. I haven’t caught up so it’s on my list of final to-dos

before the summer ends.


What are you guys listening to right now?

I’m listening to Halsey, Banks, and Ruth B. I

love soulful female artists.

They just transport you to the deepest part of

your emotions.

That’s just music in general.


What trends are you guys wearing? I am wearing

cropped legging and a t-shirt. It has been unbearably hot

here. I really want to buy a pair of culottes but I’m this weird

height between short and average. It’s like a hit or miss with

pants. So I always need to try them on. The culottes I tried

were like ankle length and that’s not how they’re supposed to

be worn. 😦 I think I’m going to have to make my own.

Have you guys tried anything new? Have you tried grocery

delivery? I don’t try new things unless I get a positive testimonial

from my friends or family.

I’m looking into Thrive, let me know if you’ve tried it. I would

love to hear about it.

Rihanna’s Comeback

I am a huge fan of Rihanna, for many reasons. I feel like Rihanna has the best celebrity come back IN THE HISTORY of celebrity comebacks. I’m not talking about popularity. I mean comeback from the tragic incident between her and her ex Chris Brown.
PAPER Magazine
I’m not a huge celebrity gossip fan or interested in gossip in general but Rihanna I adore.


When I heard she was in a violent relationship with Chris Brown it saddened me. She’s so beautiful and talented, how could that happen to her? How could that happen to anyone. Domestic violence is a real issue, many women don’t walk away from. It’s tragic to say that Rihanna was lucky to walk away with just bruises. No one deserves that ever!


Rihanna went dark for a couple of years with Good Girl Gone Bad and Rated R. 

She needed to break down to repair herself. Who are you after something like that? Going dark was her way of coping. It took a couple a years for her to find herself again. She was no longer the

sexy island girl but a unstoppable pop icon that doesn’t give a f**k.

I admire her for that. You can follow her on Instagram and see her as an loving aunt to a fashion icon. I love how she can go from a punk-rocker with green hair to a pink princess on the red carpet. I admire her for her strength in her sexuality. Her ability to love again and her overall love for her fans.

I Hate Fashion Trends

screenshot-pixabay.com-2017-07-12-14-36-49I hate trends. Every year something new, has everyone running to the nearest Forever 21. I feel like summer months bring out the most trends.  The boho festival girls, rave girls, the Kim K look-a-likes. I cannot lie, I have been a victim of trends. I remember in high school Good Charlotte, and Green Day was super popular. My parents were traditional and won’t let me wear the ripped jeans and band tees my friends had. They did let me wear that little wrist sweatband with the band’s logo on it. It’s  all about the small wins.

I’m thankful to my parents for setting those boundaries.  When I look back in my


yearbook I think ‘gosh…how did we think that was cool?’ Thanks to my parents I appreciate quality clothes and I am particular on what I choose to buy. I try to buy clothes that are well-made, ethically made, sustainability made, self-made or second hand.  We have a responsibility as fashionistas to buy products that support our environment.



Fast fashion contributes to landfills and CO2 in our atmosphere. Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and acrylic (looking at you Forever 21) take thousands of years to break down. Let me finish by saying Forever 21 is not the enemy. The fast-paced, consumer-driven economy we live in is. The next time you shop think about how often will you wear it, what is it made of, and who you can give it to after you’re done.

Thanks guys.
 What was your favorite trend growing up?

Culottes and Crop Tops

I know it sounds like a cool blog name but this article will talk about culottes and crop tops.

My two favorite articles of clothing. The two together are unstoppable. Culottes first came

about during the French Revolution as a term for pants or shorts.

I love the two together because it’s casual and cool. Not a lot of effort is needed to pull it off. It’s a great commuter outfit if you’re wanting to be comfortable. I have seen black

culottes paired with a witty shirt or a black bandeau with black culottes. (black & black my favorite)

However, if

you decide to wear it make sure you have fun and express yourself to your fullest potential.

Remember fashion is supposed to be fun!

What do you think about culottes and crop tops? Leave a comment below.

Bad Girl Chic


Introducing the queen of bad girl

The evolution of Rihanna style

is truly amazing. Rihanna has evolved

from a bright-eyed pop singer to 

an edgy bad girl we 


What I love about Rihanna is her love 

and understanding of her body. 

She’s not afraid to take fashion

 risks or show some skin. You can 

spot Rihanna walking with a glass of wine in

her furry slides.


You can also spot her on the red carpet

with a plunging neckline and beachy


I guess you can say I’m a huge fan

of Rihanna and her street style. Many

if these looks can be translated into

everyday hustle and bustle.

For example Rihanna lovely mid-length

denim skirt can be paired with sneakers

and a simple white button down.


The choker, which is a throwback from

the 90s, can easily be styled for a date

night outfit.

A pair of thigh-high boots with a dress

and a leather jacket would be the perfect

outfit for a concert or night club-hopping.

The lesson we can all take from Rihanna is

love yourself. Celebrate your body and don’t

be afraid to be a little bad.

What do you think?

3 Common Misconceptions About Pins

I was recently out shopping and I came across the cutest assortment of pins.

When I was in middle school it was trendy to wear pins on your backpack and lunchbox.

I was surprised to see it but excited! The pins can range from political to funny, cutesy to

crude. The best pins are available on Etsy.

Listed below are 3 Common Misconceptions About Pins

1. There for Kids

Heck no! It’s for everyone!


2. There for Punk/Emo/Rock and Roll Types

There are many designs from your favorite band to

a silly quote. Pin are an accessory and can be tailored

to any style.

riot cakes

3. They Are Difficult to Wear Everyday

It is an extension of your outfit. It can become

a part of your everyday wardrobe if you style it


MidNight Dogs

Try new things. Don’t be like Stoop Kid.

Remeber to check out the Etsy shops listed in the captions. 

What do you think of pins? Leave a comment below….

Let’s Play Dress Up

While looking through pictures of my grandmother I saw a picture of her going to a movie theater all dressed up.Back then going to the movies was a major event.   She wore a pencil skirt, gloves, and her pearls.

I love athleisure, check out my previous article about it! But wouldn’t it be nice to wear a dressy outfit just because? Elbow-length gloves and high heels while going downtown. I’m not talking about a skin tight dress but an outfit that flatters you and looks EXPENSIVE.

I don’t know the right occasions to wear something like that. I go to concerts or to the beach. I went to a TedTalks one time but everyone there was professional casual .

An appropriate venue to get dressed up could be a broadway show or a gallery opening. But truthfully we don’t have a lot of that happening here.

Tips on How to Dress-Up

Plan Ahead

Take into account what makes you feel confident and

the temperature. Planning outfits also saves time


A couple of bangles or hoop earring can really make an

outfit. I personally love necklaces and scarves

Get Involved

Joining a professionals’ group or even

a charity can help you network and give you

a chance to wear those stunning dresses

Go Out Once in a While

I know it’s hard to do but just go out to

a fancy place. Stop making excuses, and just go.

You help others by taking care of YOURSELF

Just Dress-UP

If you ran out of reasons to dress up, just

go for it. Chances are if you look really

good a photographer may spot you and post

your outfit in the next issue of Vogue!

Did anyone else see BaubleBar at Target!?

Hands down they sell the best accessories. Let me know what you think in the comments below.