Every morning at 11:11 I close my eyes and make a wish…

I wish I was taller, skinnier like a VS model

I wish I could eat whatever I want and look like a VS model

I wish for a huge closet full of clothes I like (Madewell,Chelsea and Violet etc.)

I wish lots of great shoes

I’d wish for the best in electronics

I’d wish for luxurious vacations

I’d wish for a limitless gift cards to Target

I wish for celebrity boyfriends (Ryan Gosling, The Rock, and Bob Morley)

I’d wish for art/craft supplies

I wish for a million dollars

Then I open my eyes and it’s 11:12


Why I’ll Never Delete My Tumblr

delete.pngWhen I look at my Tumblr I see beauty. I see pure artistic expression. Instagram is nice but lacks the artist niche. I’ll give Instagram a break because it is a fairly new platform but the pictures of your breast and butt aren’t “curves” girl. It’s just you being thirsty.

I find myself scrolling aimlessly through my Tumblr looking at all the beautiful photos I have collected. It’s like a never-ending gallery wall. I have pictures of Indian weddings, flowers, afros and fearless girl quotes.

I’ve had a Tumblr since I was in high school. I tried to keep up with it but like anything, life got in the way. I still update it from time to time but I cannot bring myself to delete it. Even if I’m not actively participating in the community I enjoy what it’s putting out.

Well I think that ends my little rant about Tumblr.

What’s on your Tumblr wall leave a comment below.

Vacation to New York City: Food

New York is the ideal place for a foodie. New York offers a fun experiment of food fusion, ethnic foods, and  food trucks! I grew up in the low country. I remember walking down to the fishing port and seeing the bleach white shells and docked boats. In terms of scenery, the low country  is beautiful but I have never been a fan of sea food. Growing up so close to a fishing dock you’d think I’d be a sea food lover but, I am not.

I loved the accessibility of  fast food. Every corner offered a new culinary experience. There are food tours I would like to try the next time I go. Free Tours by Foot offers a variety of tours of the boroughs. If you want to go to Manhattan and try Molly’s Cupcakes, you can reserve and pay a registration fee of $70. The tour price includes many restaurants and you decide what you eat.

While I was in New York I stuck to Taco Bell. An old but favorite restaurant. Next time I go, I’ll try and review Free Tours by Foot for you guys. You’ll work up and appetite walking up and down the islands so enjoy a nice big meal.

Vacation to New York City

Last week I posted that I was going to travel.

Surprise, surprise! I went to the Big Apple, the center of it all.

After going there, it sure was! I didn’t rent a car or stay in a

fancy hotel. This was truly a budget trip, and it was amazing.

I enjoyed the challenge of finding budget-friendly alternatives

to travel.  I hope to do more again in the future, maybe on Youtube?

Leave a comment below and tell me what you guys think.

Anyway, I decided to attend the Governor’s Ball music festival.

It had a great lineup like the Bleachers, Tove Lo, Chance the Rapper and more.

 I was super pumped. Big musicians like that don’t perform where

I live. So I bought my ticket and off I went!

 In the light of everything that happened in Manchester,

you may be hesitant to be a solo traveler. But we can not

fear life.The night before I was so stressed. I did not start packing nor did I know how

to navigate the city. I went anyway, my stomach cramped and I couldn’t

stop fidgeting. (BTW this is my first time going to NYC and traveling solo)

I pushed on anyway even though every thought in my mind said ‘turn back,’

 ‘are you crazy?’, ‘It’s not safe, it’s not familiar.’

I needed this trip because I  was in a rut. I needed to break

free of the monotony of my life. The same places, the same people, day after day

I was sick of it.

I believe that new experiences, meeting new people are the purpose of life.

We are meant to connect.

So I went forward. I pushed past all the doubts and after it all, I’ve become

a better person.

I hope my trip insipres you to do some solo travel of your own.

In the next couple of posts, I’ll explain how I traveled on

a budget.

Culottes and Crop Tops

I know it sounds like a cool blog name but this article will talk about culottes and crop tops.

My two favorite articles of clothing. The two together are unstoppable. Culottes first came

about during the French Revolution as a term for pants or shorts.

I love the two together because it’s casual and cool. Not a lot of effort is needed to pull it off. It’s a great commuter outfit if you’re wanting to be comfortable. I have seen black

culottes paired with a witty shirt or a black bandeau with black culottes. (black & black my favorite)

However, if

you decide to wear it make sure you have fun and express yourself to your fullest potential.

Remember fashion is supposed to be fun!

What do you think about culottes and crop tops? Leave a comment below.

The Most Awesome Moments of my Life – so far

1. A little girl singing “Let It Go” from Frozen in

the grocery store

While I was in the grocery store I heard a little

girl start to sing “Let it go! Let it GOOO! The cold never

bothered me anyway.”

That moment was awesome because she wasn’t afraid

to sing in public. She shared that song that was in her

heart for all to hear.


2.  Learning to Skateboard from a cute guy

I got a summer job at the college and luckily while

working there I met a couple of cute guys. We

were walking home I told him about how I like

to learn how to skateboard. He pulled out his skateboard and

held me as I tried to balance. I didn’t know how

to stop when he grabbed me in his arms and

whirled me around.

3. Running into Dylan O’Brian

I was internally freaking out when I saw

Dylan O’Brian. I am a huge fan of Teen Wolf

and Dylan walked into my job.  Dylan is super

cute and really tall. He also really likes Kind

granola bars, FYI.

4. My Time Working a Fashion Show

I had the pleasure of working a local

fashion show. We had local designers and

models. I enjoyed the creativity of the event

and how everyone came together to make

it happen.

5.  Moving Out on My Own

My decision to move out is a decision I’m

proud of. Although I have had TERRIBLE

roommates I have become more independent

and self-reliant.

Modern Day Dating: My First Kiss

I know we are getting to know each other and I feel like the story of my first kiss is a good one.

We can all think back to our first kiss. Our first crush, and maybe our first time falling in love.

I went to a small public school. I wasn’t popular but people knew me. I hung out with a small group of friends and did extracurriculars like chorus and art.  My friend Ray was the opposite of me. She was confident and wore Baby Phat. Basically, she was cooler than me.  She and many of my other friends were more “experienced,” than me. Many of them have been further than first base.

I was a doe-eyed teacher’s pet that had no idea what they were talking about. Ray was surprised when I told her I’ve never kissed a guy before. To be honest I had braces and didn’t think that was an option. I was so afraid I’d cut his lips lol. Ray introduced me to her cousin Jon. Jon was tall with beautiful hazel eyes.

I never knew what she told him but I had his attention and I liked it. Every morning we meet by his locker and he would walk me to class. The teachers and other students would glare. I guess they thought I was too prude to date anyone.

While walking to class  I turned to him and asked him to kiss me. And he did.

I learned that love can be great and although I’ve been hurt, never be afraid to love.

Because love is the closest thing we have to magic.

I know we are getting to know each other and I feel like the story of my first kiss is a good one.

We can all think back to our first kiss. Our first crush, and maybe our first time falling in love.