Target Winter Clearance

It’s that time again when stores clear out winter stock for spring apparel. Since spring does not officially start until March 20th, we still have 2 more months left. It’s easy to get the best deal when you follow the retail cycle.

Target is discounting last seasons jackets, beanies and gloves. So of you’re looking for a deal the Target Clearance has discounts from 50-70% off.

I went to my local Target and grabbed a couple of fun, unique pieces. I picked up A New Day mustard yellow beanie. Along with some other things you guys will see in future posts. 🙂

screenshot_2019-01-10 cristal ( crissy b723) • instagram photos and videos(1)

I love how the Forest Grant Sunglasses pop off the the yellow beanie. Causing a strong contrast. We need to remember that fashion is supposed to be fun. Whatever interesting, unique accessories you buy. Work it with confidence!

Have you come across any interesting accessories lately? Comment Below.


Minimalist Outfits on a Budget

I have come to love minimalist fashion. The pieces I’ve purchased can be mixed and matched with different outfits throughout the season.

Outfit #1

Top: H&M Cropped White Blouse

Jeans: Forever 21 “Mom Jeans”


Outfit #2

Top: Amazon Off Shoulder Top

Jeans: Forever 21 “Mom Jeans”


Outfit #3

Top: Express Black Reversible Black Cami

Jacket: Loft Demin Jacket

Pants: Loft Pants


Fall Layered Necklace

It is official! Fall is here, and that means layering galore. In this article, I decided to tackle

necklace layering. It can be fun yet tricky at the same time. Below I have listed a couple of my tips for the perfect layered look.

#1 Buy Cheap

If you’re first starting out buying cheaper, less expensive necklaces is the way to go. This is because when you’re first discovering your style you don’t want to get bogged down with prices. Shops like Forever21, Francescas, and Aldo can be a great option.


#2 Buy Sets

The stores I’ve mentioned above have already arranged sets for $12-20. That can help you get an idea of what you would like to wear.

A plain gold chain, a delicate diamond necklace or an extravagant gem piece.  You can buy these pieces from Baublebar, and Etsy.

#3 Customize your Sets

Once when you are comfortable and know your style, make a custom set of your favorite necklaces. Now would be the time to invest in quality necklaces like a

#4 Wear to Wow

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You’re a fashionista anyway so wear to wow.

Time Travel


Have you ever wanted to time travel?

To a place unknown

A place unseen

A place only you can go

Without leaving your home

Without moving your feet

Inside this place you are everyone and everyone is you

You see, you feel, you speak 

You share because you are them and they are you

Until the end, the last word

The time travel ends

Your feet planted

You are you again 

The time travel ends


Doll Kills; My New Obsession

When I was growing up the school required a uniform. Our uniform consisted of a plaid shirt and a white button down. During that time emo bands like Greenday, Good Charlotte, and My Chemical Romance were popular. I was unable to show my rebellion so I opted for pins and wristbands.

Doll Kills is an online boutique that is a mixture of punk rock,  goth and festival fashion.  My inner rebel loves that clothes on the website. Doll Kills clothing is for that girl that’s not afraid to be different. The girls with a slight edge and artistic flare.

Doll Kills carries brands like Dickies, Doc Martens, PUMA, and Public Desire.  The site has released Holloween costumes pulled from popular culture like Clueless and the Shining. If you’re looking for a cool online boutique, Doll Kills is it. I’ll post a review of my experience ordering from them. Expect that post soon!

What’s On My Playlist

Summer is over and now we are into the first week of Fall. Fall is my favorite season, the autumn leaves the hot cocoa, mittens and cinnamon candles.  This year has brought new and talented artist. Below I have listed artist I’ve added to my playlist.


Billie Ellish, 15-year-old Los Angles native released a killer album this year.The albums name is Don’t Smile at Me. The title perfectly sums up her playful mischievous attitude.My favorite songs on the album are Bellyache and watch.


Next is Ruth B. A former Viner, she posted short videos of her singing. I fell in love with Ruth’s song of superficial love. The song’s name is actually Superficial Love.

Baby if you want me, then you better need me

. ‘Cause I’m so done, not being your number one


The final talented lady is Halsey. Halsey has a bad girl new york swag. I loved her release of Bad At Love. She goes through her relationships and why they didn’t work out. It’s not her fault she’s bad at love and she’s not going to pretend you’re the one.

School has started, and now summer has ended. I made a list of things I wanted to do this summer and I’ve completed some and forgot others.




The BEST thing you can do with you time and money.

I’m proud of myself for taking the first step of solo travel. Although we

live in the most progressive time, solo women travels are discouraged.

It is the fear that women are too delicate or they could be abducted if they

travel alone. I’m not saying throw caution to the wind but don’t let fear stop


Vintage Movie Marathon

This was a weird goal of mine to watch old black and white movies

this summer. I’ll write a post about what movies I watched and what I

thought of them.


Learn Something New

Growing up I never really had a break from

school. I was always learning something with

tutors or workbooks. So now that I’m older I love

learning. Over the summer I took a couple of online

SEO classes and writing classes. I learned a lot for free!

The things I didn’t get to do were traveling to Spain. I really want to

go to Spain or South America. I have been practicing my conversational

Spanish and  the only way to master a language is to use it? Derecha?

But who knows what the future will hold?

Comment below what you guys did this summer?