Day 30. Last Day of Challenge


Good Afternoon All,

Today is the last day of the 30 day challenge! I have learned a lot about myself and my capabilities. I learned that I enjoy writing and talking to you guys.  I fell off on  day 26-27  mark. I learned that writing everyday is therapeutic. I feel in alignment when I am writing, or creating.  The questions were in-depth and challenging.  I got my list from Lenni Meister. Thank you so much if you’re reading this.

I hope this inspires you guys to blog. I know I’ve enjoyed it. So I need your input. Do you guys think I should go another 30 days? Do you want questions I select or do you want to ask me questions?

I listed my social media accounts below so you can ask me your questions.

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Thank you again.


Day 17. High and Lows of 2018

FD37B189-674D-4426-9478-8EF808828EB4There’s a lot I can tell you about 2018. But the challenge today calls for the highs and lows of last year. Let me start by saying I’m no guru or self-help expert. All I have are my stories and how I overcame them. Last year was difficult because I was stuck in a  living situation with total strangers. One guy I lived with was mentally ill. He was off his medication and often lashed out on me and my roommates. It wasn’t a good situation. My landlord got involved and removed him from the property. What I took away from that situation is be prepared. Everyone does not have good intentions.

Last year was also good in some ways. I learned to meditate. I meditate once a week. Through meditation I learned to let things go. I don’t let bad feelings and thoughts stick with me. I think of it as spring cleaning. Our minds get cluttered and full of junk, we need to see and recognize the junk then clear it out.

Day 15. Five Interesting Facts About Me



I participated in the chorus all four years of high school. I loved singing in a chorus all through high school. I liked traveling and performing in front of people. I learned to interpret and understand many cultures. We would learn the notes and reasons behind the writing. I feel like music connects us.



I have a birthmark shaped like Africa on my thigh. It’s interesting really how birthmark can look like things. In my case, it looks like Africa. Some of my other birthmarks have changed but this one is still the same.



I’m a huge fan of astrology and horoscopes. I know my chart inside and out. Sometimes when I’m bored I match my chart with celebrity crushes to see what our relationship would be like. I’ve run my chart with Jason Momoa, Quincy, and Ryan Gosling.



I have flexible thumbs. Very flexible thumbs. They are almost double jointed.



I suffer from depression and anxiety. I believe many millennials today do but it’s covered up with party and drinking. I look for natural ways to deal with my depression but sometimes the best remedy is to cry.


Comment Time! What are some interesting facts about you? Comment below.

Day 11. Top 3 Songs on My Playlist


Lets dive into my playlist.

#1 Ultralight Beam— by Kanye West

I love this song. It opens with a young boy praising the Lord. the outro opens with him saying “We want the Lord! That’s it!” The passion and demanding tone is charming. Kanye has had his moments of madness but it should not take away from the fact he is a lyrical genius. The line ‘I met Kanye West, I’m never going to fail.’  To me it meant meeting yourself, knowing  yourself and be unwavering with your beliefs.

#2 Show Me Love—Hundred Waters Chance ( Skrillex Mix)

I remember the early days of Skrillex. I was a huge fan of dubstep, electronic, and indie. Skrillex had an amazing song call Bangarang. Now that I’m older I really don’t listen to loud fast-paced music anymore. I stumbled upon this song on my Youtube suggestions. I was listening to a little bit of Kanye West, Chance, SZA and the Chainsmokers. ‘Though I know I can hate. And don’t let me show evil. Though it might be all I take. Show me love
Show me love. Show me love.’ Love is so hard. Especially in this political climate. ‘Though it might be all I take.’ Is powerful it only takes one incident, one conversation to change your course for better or worse.


#3 See Her Out—Francis and the Lights

Francis Starlite is interesting because he style is mix of pop, and r&b. I was pulled into the video by his performance. He runs out into the street and dances at the intersection and right before the light turns green is crosses to the other side. I’m a huge fan of lyrics and the song goes; ‘If you see her out there, Behind the wheel, Driving getaway, Oh god, I hope she escapes, Whole damn world is a cage.’ Francis knows how to preform. His music videos are simplistic yet easy to place yourself into.



Doll Kills; My New Obsession

When I was growing up the school required a uniform. Our uniform consisted of a plaid shirt and a white button down. During that time emo bands like Greenday, Good Charlotte, and My Chemical Romance were popular. I was unable to show my rebellion so I opted for pins and wristbands.

Doll Kills is an online boutique that is a mixture of punk rock,  goth and festival fashion.  My inner rebel loves that clothes on the website. Doll Kills clothing is for that girl that’s not afraid to be different. The girls with a slight edge and artistic flare.

Doll Kills carries brands like Dickies, Doc Martens, PUMA, and Public Desire.  The site has released Holloween costumes pulled from popular culture like Clueless and the Shining. If you’re looking for a cool online boutique, Doll Kills is it. I’ll post a review of my experience ordering from them. Expect that post soon!

What’s On My Playlist

Summer is over and now we are into the first week of Fall. Fall is my favorite season, the autumn leaves the hot cocoa, mittens and cinnamon candles.  This year has brought new and talented artist. Below I have listed artist I’ve added to my playlist.


Billie Ellish, 15-year-old Los Angles native released a killer album this year.The albums name is Don’t Smile at Me. The title perfectly sums up her playful mischievous attitude.My favorite songs on the album are Bellyache and watch.


Next is Ruth B. A former Viner, she posted short videos of her singing. I fell in love with Ruth’s song of superficial love. The song’s name is actually Superficial Love.

Baby if you want me, then you better need me

. ‘Cause I’m so done, not being your number one


The final talented lady is Halsey. Halsey has a bad girl new york swag. I loved her release of Bad At Love. She goes through her relationships and why they didn’t work out. It’s not her fault she’s bad at love and she’s not going to pretend you’re the one.

Lately On Instagram ( I’m on Instagram)


I posted a picture today of this adorable artist

Grace Vanderwaal. Grace Vanderwaal

was on America’s Got Talent when she revealed to the world her majestic voice.  After America’s Got Talent, Grace has sold out nearly every show.

Grace  has the voice of an old Blues singer. She is only 13 and still has a lot of maturing to do as an artist. She possesses the talent needed to make her a Billboard Top Artist but often with fame at a young age, addiction becomes a problem. I hope this doesn’t happen to her.

Grace a talented young girl from Kansas thrown into the limelight by a talent show. That would be a movie I’d watch!

My second most recent post was about my 

FAVORITE pair of sunglasses. I got these sunglasses from LOFT not too long ago. There like a rose-mirrored tint. I was going to the grocery store for sweet potatoes and wanted to take a selfie. They just scream fabulous every time I put them on.

I love Instagram because you can say a million thing with a picture. My account is

fairly new and goes along with my blog and personal life.

Don’t forget to follow me  crissy.b723

Hey. How are you?

Hey. How are you?

I hope all is well.Today’s post is just going to be super casual. As

casual as I can be at least. Are you guys watching GOT?

Game of Thrones is back on so all is well in the world.

I don’t know why I like that show so

much. Oh no I remember, freakin’ Jon Snow! That smexy

man. I haven’t caught up so it’s on my list of final to-dos

before the summer ends.


What are you guys listening to right now?

I’m listening to Halsey, Banks, and Ruth B. I

love soulful female artists.

They just transport you to the deepest part of

your emotions.

That’s just music in general.


What trends are you guys wearing? I am wearing

cropped legging and a t-shirt. It has been unbearably hot

here. I really want to buy a pair of culottes but I’m this weird

height between short and average. It’s like a hit or miss with

pants. So I always need to try them on. The culottes I tried

were like ankle length and that’s not how they’re supposed to

be worn. 😦 I think I’m going to have to make my own.

Have you guys tried anything new? Have you tried grocery

delivery? I don’t try new things unless I get a positive testimonial

from my friends or family.

I’m looking into Thrive, let me know if you’ve tried it. I would

love to hear about it.

Rihanna’s Comeback

I am a huge fan of Rihanna, for many reasons. I feel like Rihanna has the best celebrity come back IN THE HISTORY of celebrity comebacks. I’m not talking about popularity. I mean comeback from the tragic incident between her and her ex Chris Brown.
PAPER Magazine
I’m not a huge celebrity gossip fan or interested in gossip in general but Rihanna I adore.


When I heard she was in a violent relationship with Chris Brown it saddened me. She’s so beautiful and talented, how could that happen to her? How could that happen to anyone. Domestic violence is a real issue, many women don’t walk away from. It’s tragic to say that Rihanna was lucky to walk away with just bruises. No one deserves that ever!


Rihanna went dark for a couple of years with Good Girl Gone Bad and Rated R. 

She needed to break down to repair herself. Who are you after something like that? Going dark was her way of coping. It took a couple a years for her to find herself again. She was no longer the

sexy island girl but a unstoppable pop icon that doesn’t give a f**k.

I admire her for that. You can follow her on Instagram and see her as an loving aunt to a fashion icon. I love how she can go from a punk-rocker with green hair to a pink princess on the red carpet. I admire her for her strength in her sexuality. Her ability to love again and her overall love for her fans.

I Hate Fashion Trends hate trends. Every year something new, has everyone running to the nearest Forever 21. I feel like summer months bring out the most trends.  The boho festival girls, rave girls, the Kim K look-a-likes. I cannot lie, I have been a victim of trends. I remember in high school Good Charlotte, and Green Day was super popular. My parents were traditional and won’t let me wear the ripped jeans and band tees my friends had. They did let me wear that little wrist sweatband with the band’s logo on it. It’s  all about the small wins.

I’m thankful to my parents for setting those boundaries.  When I look back in my

yearbook I think ‘gosh…how did we think that was cool?’ Thanks to my parents I appreciate quality clothes and I am particular on what I choose to buy. I try to buy clothes that are well-made, ethically made, sustainability made, self-made or second hand.  We have a responsibility as fashionistas to buy products that support our environment.



Fast fashion contributes to landfills and CO2 in our atmosphere. Synthetic fibers like nylon, polyester, and acrylic (looking at you Forever 21) take thousands of years to break down. Let me finish by saying Forever 21 is not the enemy. The fast-paced, consumer-driven economy we live in is. The next time you shop think about how often will you wear it, what is it made of, and who you can give it to after you’re done.

Thanks guys.
 What was your favorite trend growing up?