Sagittarius,You Know You Love Us

A Sagittarius is a special person. The outspoken coworker or the crazy athletic friend. Sagittarius are the philosophical sign of the zodiac.We seek to understand.We also have a restless side that hates to be contained.


Chances are if a Sagittarius runs past you, we are chasing after our goals,or we’re running late. Sagittarius are represented by centaurs. A half man, half horse mythological creature. A centaur possess human speech and thought but also the


animalistic tendencies.

If you forgive our blunt attitude and wanderlust lifestyle you’ll come to love us. We are supportive, funny, and caring. If you come across a person born November 21 to December 21 get ready to make amazing memories.


Response | Astrology Meets Cocktails | Sagittarius

I  love scrolling through my Facebook page and seeing fun articles like this.  Nylon magazine

wrote an article about which cocktail you are according to your zodiac sign. I am a Sagittarius, the fun loving fire sign of the zodiac! Nylon suggested a Lemon Verbena Whisky Sour, which sounds amazing. The drink is beautiful with a light pink hue and can be decorated with a slice of lemon.

This drink a lot like the Sagittarius, beautiful with a punch of whisky. A drink like that takes time  to make. This drink like the Sagittarius needs patience and s lot of love. This isn’t your twist off beer kind of drink!

I’ll be sure to try this drink the next time I go out. I’ll let you guys know if it lives up to the Sagittarius standards.

Check Out the Article Here 

Astrology Meet Cocktails… By Gala Mukomolova

Comment Below with Your Sign and Your Favorite Drink

I’ve Been Thinking About This For a While Now…

Hey guys,

I’ve been thinking about this for a while now. I’ve been thinking about where


I am and where I want to be. The things that caused me to change and mature.

I had a dream a couple nights ago of my wedding. I was dressed in white and we had

a giraffe in the church. The giraffe was trying to escape and I tried to catch it.

The giraffe broke free and ran out of the room. Then I woke up. Dreams are weird.

But when I interpret the dream this is what I found.


A giraffe represents welfare, happiness, the truth and possible dangers.

A wedding represents the merging of masculine and feminine.

A giraffe running away is avoidance of the truth.


There are many ways to interpret this dream but I see it as me needing to be more masculine. I needed to become more assertive in what I wanted.I’ve needed to become clearer on what I needed and expected.I’ve needed to ‘marry,’ these parts of my personality that I’ve avoided for so long.


No one is going to give you anything and for a long time I’ve avoided ruffling feathers for the sake of peace. The truth is asking for what you want and being assertive is not a bad thing. Asking for

what you want and expect helps avoids


problems down the road.

I have always interpreted my dreams. Especially in times of stress, I’ve noticed my dreams become more vivid



to the point of me talking in my sleep.

My advice for you guys is to be open to your subconscious. It often reveals your true feelings and fears.

What’s the weirdest dream you guys had? 

Pseudoscience Practices Worth Trying

Contrary to the title these practices may be beneficial to you. Pseudoscience is defined as a collection of beliefs mistakenly based in science. A lot like a snake oil salesman or healing waters these practices are believed to be false.

But the snake oil salesman stumbled upon an anti-inflammatory potion.  My point is, sometimes we need to step outside traditional practices to find the answer.

Listed below are Nontraditional or  Pseudoscience Practices I find helpful;


Crystal healing is the belief that crystals hold properties that can

heal, and balance energy.Crystals have been a part of Native American and

Hawaiian cultures for years. Crystals can be used along with any of these recommendations below.My favorite crystals are quartz and Rose quartz.

Binaural Beats

Binaural beats is a combination of two different tones at different frequencies to create the illusion of a third frequency. Binaural beats can affect the mental and emotional state of the listener. Like ALL music!!


Meditation is a popular one. The practice of self away from the chaos of the world is beneficial.


Smudging is the burning of sage. It has been used by new age gurus and tribes

throughout history. Smudging is believed to clear the space of negative energy.

Feng Shui

Is a Chinese practice focusing on the ebb and flow of energy throughout your

living space. It is a well-known rule that clutter creates chaos. Feng Shui advocates order and simplicity to create a positive environment.

Which one is your favorite? Leave a comment below.