Response | Astrology Meets Cocktails | Sagittarius

I  love scrolling through my Facebook page and seeing fun articles like this.  Nylon magazine

wrote an article about which cocktail you are according to your zodiac sign. I am a Sagittarius, the fun loving fire sign of the zodiac! Nylon suggested a Lemon Verbena Whisky Sour, which sounds amazing. The drink is beautiful with a light pink hue and can be decorated with a slice of lemon.

This drink a lot like the Sagittarius, beautiful with a punch of whisky. A drink like that takes time  to make. This drink like the Sagittarius needs patience and s lot of love. This isn’t your twist off beer kind of drink!

I’ll be sure to try this drink the next time I go out. I’ll let you guys know if it lives up to the Sagittarius standards.

Check Out the Article Here 

Astrology Meet Cocktails… By Gala Mukomolova

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Why I’m Trying to Learn to Be Alone; Response

Nylon Magazine writer, Meghan Nesmith, wrote an inspiring article about the art of aloneness.

If you read the article here  you can get a brief summary.

In the article, she makes great points about the difference between aloneness and loneliness. Many times people confuse the two. Aloneness is the ability to enjoy your own company without others. For example going to a movie or eating at a restaurant by yourself. Loneliness is wanting to connect with others but not being able to do so.

As we get older we lose touch with our friends. They go off, get married and start a family. The art of aloneness is enjoying your own company.

I personally enjoy my alone time. I also enjoy the company of others. I have been known to go out to brunch by myself. As I get older the less I seek out friends. I have been told that the older you get the more comfortable you are in your own skin. I hope that is true.

My advice is to go out there and try things by yourself. Wear headphones the first couple of times, if you’re really nervous, After awhile you’ll walk out by yourself, glowing and independent!

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