Rihanna’s Comeback

I am a huge fan of Rihanna, for many reasons. I feel like Rihanna has the best celebrity come back IN THE HISTORY of celebrity comebacks. I’m not talking about popularity. I mean comeback from the tragic incident between her and her ex Chris Brown.
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I’m not a huge celebrity gossip fan or interested in gossip in general but Rihanna I adore.


When I heard she was in a violent relationship with Chris Brown it saddened me. She’s so beautiful and talented, how could that happen to her? How could that happen to anyone. Domestic violence is a real issue, many women don’t walk away from. It’s tragic to say that Rihanna was lucky to walk away with just bruises. No one deserves that ever!


Rihanna went dark for a couple of years with Good Girl Gone Bad and Rated R. 

She needed to break down to repair herself. Who are you after something like that? Going dark was her way of coping. It took a couple a years for her to find herself again. She was no longer the

sexy island girl but a unstoppable pop icon that doesn’t give a f**k.

I admire her for that. You can follow her on Instagram and see her as an loving aunt to a fashion icon. I love how she can go from a punk-rocker with green hair to a pink princess on the red carpet. I admire her for her strength in her sexuality. Her ability to love again and her overall love for her fans.


Bad Girl Chic


Introducing the queen of bad girl

The evolution of Rihanna style

is truly amazing. Rihanna has evolved

from a bright-eyed pop singer to 

an edgy bad girl we 


What I love about Rihanna is her love 

and understanding of her body. 

She’s not afraid to take fashion

 risks or show some skin. You can 

spot Rihanna walking with a glass of wine in

her furry slides.


You can also spot her on the red carpet

with a plunging neckline and beachy


I guess you can say I’m a huge fan

of Rihanna and her street style. Many

if these looks can be translated into

everyday hustle and bustle.

For example Rihanna lovely mid-length

denim skirt can be paired with sneakers

and a simple white button down.


The choker, which is a throwback from

the 90s, can easily be styled for a date

night outfit.

A pair of thigh-high boots with a dress

and a leather jacket would be the perfect

outfit for a concert or night club-hopping.

The lesson we can all take from Rihanna is

love yourself. Celebrate your body and don’t

be afraid to be a little bad.

What do you think?